Professor Gerard Hastings, Hyperconsumption, Corporate Marketing vs the Planet
[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo Lee] An Olympian Planet (Representative Kwon Jae-hyun) announced that it has been transferred to the Parnas Tower near Samsung Station.

The company explained that the company has improved the work environment of the employees and emphasized the identity of the Olympian Planet and emphasized the identity of the Olympian Planet so that employees can naturally see brand philosophy and vision.

The Olympian Planet is still expanding business area. After establishment in January 2015, the earnings increased by 2021, and the employees also increased more than twice as much as the employees also increased. The company is a policy that actively adds excellent talent to improve competitiveness.

In addition, we will launch the Meta Bus Space Platform ‘Eliples’ in the first quarter of this year and plan to diversify business areas around the hyperialism space in the metabus era. Ellipx is a metaverse spatial platform service that anyone can explore and experience virtual space.

“Buddhists will be a year of” 2022, “said President of the General Bureau,” 2022 will be a year of leap, “The Olympian Planet will be a year of leap,” I said the vision to make the future as a reality. “