Immediately after the start of your cruel and complex adventure in Elden Ring, you can find a good set of armor, which will give you a good protective impetus against the first (still strong) enemies in the game. From Site of grace “First step” Lighthouse, follow the light, until you reach the Gatefront lighthouse, and you will find ruins at the gate south of your location.

Act carefully – in this location are full of low-level enemies, of which female soldiers equipment will fall. These pieces will give you naining gain, but for greater protective strengthen, look for Godrik Knight (see below), who will reset useful Armor’s arrowy knight.

Enemies are not very strong here if you keep them one on one or small groups. Use secrets when you can reduce the number of people in the camp, and ultimately you will get a chance on the knight of Homerik. He cannot reset the armor for the first time you defeat it, but use the place of grace from the nearest gates to revive enemies and repeat until it falls.

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