Apex Legends ” seems to have a discussion on the resale of some skins. The skins were included in the edition that ended sales in the previous season, and acquisition was called “last chance”. However, this time, we changed the sales method and carry out resale in a form that can be slightly expensive. I’m receiving the user’s anti-sense.

“Apex Legends” has been sold a skin bundle called a legend edition until the previous season. Bundle Contents, Target Legend Legendarsekin / Weapon Legendarsekin / 1000APex Coin / Banner Frame / Badge, etc. Lifeline / Brad Hound / octane / Pathfinder / Gibraltar / Rover / Mirage / Bangalore edition existed. The price was sold for each edition, and it was sold in about 1900 yen to 2000 yen.

These legend editions were also happy bundles for new users, as APEX coins that can be used for battle path purchase and legend release were included. There is a champion edition as a similar bundle, but this is also sold now without being abolished. Regarding the legend edition, it was announced that it will be abolished during the end of the previous season, and a promotional promotion that prompted for a lasto chance.

But this time, a limited legend skin and weapon skins bundle contained in the lifeline edition began to be sold at the store store. While lifeline editions were sold for 1900 yen, this is 1800APEX coin (summary buying discount at least 1.09 yen per 1APEX coin). It looks like almost the same price, but the bundle has no banner present in the edition version, and does not contain 1000APEX coins. In this bundle, although 5 Apex packs have a five apex pack, although it belongs to the edition version, it can be said that it is substantially raised and returned.

In response to this, the voice of dissatisfaction is rising in the game community, including overseas bulletin boards Reddit. In REDDIT, “sales system is too predator” and also the posts with ironic.

Of course, the resale resold skin does not affect the gameplay, but only a cosmetic element. However, “Apex Legends” has just evacuated the pros and cons of the Sales and cons of the Pestige skin of Brad Hound (Related Articles). Even if it is a cosmetic element, the user would be sensitive to the sales method. The promotion of the last chance that is the problem that is the problem was that it was done to the end of the legend edition to finish, and it was not clear that the skin in the edition was not reprinted. However, there should be fewer players who have been purchased by this advertisement. It is not impossible that there is a user who remembers anger and remembers the selling method that the price is a little after the promotion that is awkward with the last chance.

“Apex Legends” where user dissatisfaction voices often join over skin sales. However, for basic play free books, skin sales are life lines along with battle paths. In the future, how does it find a settling point that both sides can be convinced about how to sell in-game items?

In “Apex Legends”, season 12 “Defiism” is being held. The bundle, including the lifeline skin “guardian angel”, which has become a problem, is on sale from March 9.