The FIFA 22 and Apex Legends crossover brings special awards to players. These awards include home sets, badges, typho and VIP z1. The theme of these items limited on time is based on three characters from Apex Legends, namely: ghost, Gibraltar and Ektaine.

Players can get Wraith, Gibraltar forms and Octane Apex Legends in FIFA Fut, Acquisition of the Legends Ultimate Bundle kit in an in-game store. . Premium set includes all previously mentioned rewards and expenses. 180,000 FUT or 1 500 coins FIFA coins.

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If you need only three sets, you can get them through Set of legendary sets It is worth 60,000 coins FUT or 500 coins FIFA . You can even purchase a set for legends, each of which is worth 90,000 coins FUT or 750 FIFA coins , for home set and icon for this particular legend. Remember that these sets, inspired by Apex Legends, are exclusive and available only for a limited time.

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