Jurij Wernydub defeated Real Madrid in September. Now the coach of Sheriff’s Tiraspol fights in the Ukrainian army.

Here you can pursue all developments to Ukraine-Russia conflict.

With fighting against overpowering opponents, Jurij knows Wernydub. In September, the Ukrainian coach made for a sensation when he won with Sheriff Tiraspol from Moldova in the Champions League 2: 1 at Real Madrid. But now the 56-year-old, who once ran in the 2nd Bundesliga for the Chemnitzer FC, rests his job. Because Wernydub was pulled into the war.

“I have no problem with using firearms. I know how to go,” Wernydub wrote on Friday in a post for the BBC. He should not provide information about his exact role in the army, only so much: “I did not use my weapon, but I am ready, always. Always.”

When the war broke out a week ago, Wernydub was just in Portugal, Sheriff played in the Europa League at the SC Braga. “My son called me at 4:30 in the morning and told Russia to attack us. I knew immediately that I would return to Ukraine and fight,” writes the coach in his guest contribution.

Wernydub, who completed seven second division games in the 1993/94 season, had not stopped his family, though “my wife, my children and my grandchildren tried to stop me. But my wife knows my character, if I know A decision meets, I do not change them anymore, “says Wernydub.

WERNYDUB: “Peace will only give it when we win”

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He did not fear, even because he received a lot of support. Sheriff also won 1-0 against Milsami at the weekend and the spreadsheet consolidated.

“Some games called me some coaches too. They encouraged me,” says Wernydub. Currently he is “not far from the conflict”.

He did not doubt about a victory of Ukraine. “I can not think of anything else. Peace will only give it when we win,” he wrote.

Just a few months ago, the victory over Real Madrid, he could not imagine such a situation. Most recently, the worry but always bigger.

And the football? At some point, Jurij Wernydub wants to return to his coach chair. “The thought of it motivates me. Football is my life. I hope that this war will not take too long,” he wrote: “I’m sure I’ll work again as a coach and win pokal.”

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