A Anillo de Elden The player has discovered a new and hidden function and the publication that shares it in Reddit has attracted considerable attention. Anillo de Elden is a game of many secrets and small details easy to lose. Along with the extreme difficulty, the feeling of astonishment and exploration, the atmosphere and the epic fights against bosses, this is part of the attractiveness of not only Anillo de Elden, but all fromSoftware games. Even though this is the attraction, apparently many players had no idea that the damage of their spells changes according to climate. For example, if it is raining, the fire spells do less damage while the ray spells will do more. If this sounds familiar, it is not very different from Almas dark 2 where fire inflicts less damage to water-covered players, but ray spells will do more damage.

Elden Ring — 30 More Tricks and Hidden Mechanics
The discovery was made by Reddit user Light_inc and shared on the GamingDetails Reddit page. While this page is not as popular or active as the REDDIT page’s page, also known as the Elden_ page of Memes, he still managed to earn more than 4,600 votes in three days.

In Elden Ring, the damage of your spells changes with the climate. If it is raining, the fire spells do less damage, while the ray spells do more. from

Of course, it is possible that you already knew it, but it seems that many players did not notice it, or at least many players did not report it. And of course, Anillo de Elden mass sales indicate that it is the introduction for many to fromSoftware, and none of these players will have known, which can explain why it is receiving so much attention.

Anillo de Elden is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more coverage about the best-selling and acclaimed role game, click here.

“If the previous Releases of fromSoftware are considered individual successes, anillo de Elden feels like the collection of ‘great successes’ of the developer,” is read at the beginning of our game review. «Play as the culmination of all the intelligent ideas that fromSoftware has had along its exhausting games, at the same time finding ways to take advantage of the opaque experience of the study. Elaborated over the years. The half-brown jokes refer to him as “Dark Souls 4” were not far away, but he also manages to be much more than that. “