The greatest form of evolution is a hidden story in Lost Ark, which may be difficult to find even with. The most difficult thing is to find out where to look, but do not worry, because all this is lower.

Where is the story of the greatest form of evolution hidden?

The first thing you need to know is that it is located on Argentine Continent in the sources of the Stern. Go inside Hall of superiority on the eastern side of the area. For each part we have a map, so you can go through it, because the game will not provide an exact map if you use m hot key.

first hidden story

The Greatest Evolution Form in Arthetine Location in Lost Ark | Hidden Story Locations Guide

You can find the first part of this story in the northwestern part of the Hall of Exceit. Explore the place between two bookcases when you enter this room. You will be given 10 minutes to find the next part after the investigation.

Second hidden story

You can find the next hidden history in the room in the southern part of the Hall of Exceit. Inspect the area between two chairs opposite the wall between two chairs at the table. At first we had some problems with this, but you can explore this place if you retain between two chairs. After that, the timer is reset.

Third hidden story

The third part leads to the room on the eastern side of the Hall of Exceit. The room will be round with a round circuit on the floor. Explore the location where the corridor line is encountered with a circle.

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