Nathan Drake may have no difficulty in conquering the world of video game, but the silver screen is a different story.

According to a report published by Deadline, the cinematographic adaptation of Sony from the Series of Success Playstation of Naughty Dog lost another director. Travis Knight, who had previously directed the transformators restart _bourdon, _ apparently leave the project, mainly due to schedule conflicts with his star, Tom Holland.

According to the report, the actor, ready to represent a younger version of Drake, will soon start working on the last guardian_phragmish man as part of an agreement with Marvel Studios. Therefore, inExplore will not make its output window announced late 2020, and Knight will move away from the project.

This is the last change of director for adaptation to the big screen in difficulty. Initially announced in 2008 by producer Avi Arad, he saw a number of directors leave. At one point, Shawn Levy was on board to direct, but went to work with Ryan Reynolds on the free guy video game movie, which releases next summer. The project also saw the departure of others, including David Tractenberg, David O. Russell and Seth Gordon.

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Sony noted that Holland is still on board the project, with Mark Wahlberg, who will play a younger version of his partner, Sully. It seeks to recruit a new director and set a revised release date. Sony Pictures will continue to work directly with PlayStation Productions to ensure that the film retains the spirit of the games that preceded it.

But now, the real question is to know which director will be ready to embark on this apparently cursed project and, more importantly for fans, when he finally comes out.