The former Bundesliga player Tobias Levels has again taken care of conspiracy theories for a corkate. The 35-year-old denies the Ukraine war.

In his podcast “Health Resolution” at the Audio Streaming Service Spotify claims Levels that there would be no war right now. This is invented freely. The pictures from the war area are a “huge fake in the reporting”, after all, no pictures from Ukraine, but from the Yugoslavian war or bombardment in Syria would be shared.

“In Ukraine, no war is led in the sense. Since not someone marches, who says,” Uh, now I’ll get the Ukraine, because Nato has ripped me over years, and then I regret the whole world. ‘” That’s “big nonsense”

In addition, the West be an “Empire of Lies”. Vladimir Putin, who has caused Russian attack on Ukraine, eliminated only Nazis and the “Deep State” according to the former professional of Borussia Mönchengladbach, Fortuna Düsseldorf and FC Ingolstadt.

Accordingly, Ukraine “orchested his own people shot in to get things going.” This is “two years after the pandemic and Black Lives Matter the next conditioning” of “99.9 percent lure media”.

Extraordinary measures taken to protect Ukraine's Zelensky | NewsNation Prime

“Everything that comes from the media can be operated in the opposite. Then you are on the right side,” says Levels, who used to think himself, Putin is a “crazier and a dictator”.

Already at the beginning of 2022, Levels had negatively noticed with swing on the Corona pandemic. “For almost two years, there has been an alleged pandemic under control. Every day we are bombarded by media and politics with content and measures. Time that we illuminate the pandemic and try to bring a little light into the dark,” Levels said at that time Another.

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