Tobias Levels plays for Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC Ingolstadt and Fortuna Dusseldorf in the Football Bundesliga. Already during his career he makes more thoughts than others, deals with things away from football. Younger theses of the former professionals now provide for frown.

254 games Tobias Levels in the Soccer Bundesliga and the second league for Borussia Mönchengladbach, Fortuna Dusseldorf and FC Ingolstadt. The defender is a solid football professional. He achieves three goals and once flies off the square.

With Borussia Mönchengladbach and the FC Ingolstadt he rises as a second divorced master. He is a reflected kicker, also thoughts about things next to football.

The results of younger thinking now provide for frown, for repeated times: because in his podcast “Health Resolutions”, levels ensures the second eclat within a few weeks.

This is how Levels claims, the pictures from the war areas are a “huge fake”. Instead of up-to-date material from Ukraine, the world would have made recordings from the Yugoslavia war or of destruction in Syria.

Levels claims: “There is no war in the sense”

“Things were sold for pictures from Kyiv where buildings burned (…), which were pictures from the Yugoslavia war in Belgrade of 1999,” says the former Bundesliga professional who wanted to enlighten dietary myths in his broadcast.

There is no “war in the sense”, Levels proclaims on the streaming service Spotify. “Not somebody marches and says: ‘Oho, now I’ll get the Ukraine, because Nato has fooled me for years, and then I agree with the whole world. After that, Poland is on it, afterwards is Germany’s turn, Holland and Belgium. “

Large nonsense is that, analyzes levels. “There is no war and certainly not against civilians.” The Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to clean the Ukraine only from Neo-Nazis and fight the “Deep State”.

Ex-Gladbach professional criticizes media

The Ukraine in turn have “orchestrated the own people shot in to get things going”. The “to 99.9 percent lure media” stopped with the presentation of the media “two years after the pandemic and Black Lives Matter the next conditioning”.

“Everything that comes from the media can be operated in the opposite. Then you are on the right side.” He himself also had Putin earlier for a “crazy and dictator”. The West, however, be “an Empire of Lies”.

The former football professional had already noticed in the past as a supporters of conspiracy theories: so he once announced that the election of Joe Biden to the US President had not been right. The Corona pandemic had referred to as “Volksverarsche”.

“For almost two years, there has been an alleged pandemic under control. Every day we are bombarded by media and politics with content and measures. Time that we light up the pandemic and try to bring a little light into the dark,” said Levels, the has now done itself with a company for vegan foods independently.

Trump’s ex-Russia advisor Fiona Hill blasts Ukraine election interference conspiracy theory

Fans of Fortuna Dusseldorf explain Levels to the scapegoat

Levels finished his career in 2018. “Honestly, I was enough for me. I love football, but not the business of drums. I do not fit in. Borussia Mönchengladbachy yes, but not human,” he said later the magazine “11 friends”.

When the fans of Fortuna Düsseldorf once explained their defender to the scapegoat, tears came to him on the square. “Many football fans still believe: ‘Who earns so much, I can do it every week.’ Nowadays, where everyone can add his mustard on social media, it is still much worse. “

Already during his career he will be vegan, concludes an apprenticeship as a holistic health advisor and still depends on a training as a health practitioner.

Self-reflection is a big topic. “I do not need lifestyle vegans. The real change has to happen in the minds of people. Then we also get the climate change under control. And a bit more respectably.”

Levels is already thinking about his career as many colleagues. “I would have liked this sometimes for me: just to drive to work, play and make me any thoughts around the rest.”

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