The Game Skull & Bones from Ubisoft Singapore was announced for the first time in 2017 and has been postponed several times.

Now it seems to focus on development but finally. In a post on your own page, Ubisoft announced an insider program for multiplayer pirate adventure.

In this insider program, the players get an early version of the game in front of the nose and can decide freely when and how they want to play so that the test is as realistic as possible.

For this program, everyone can apply as an insider, but it offers itself to bring a lot of time to test a lot of patience and a great interest in game development. In this test, it is mainly about recognizing bugs, reporting errors and give constructive feedback.

SKULL and BONES ~ Beta/Testing Update!!

The group of insiders should be kept small after UbiSoft’s statement and strictly selected. Each selected insider must also sign a confidentiality statement and agree to the behavioral rules of Ubisoft.

So far, neither a period for the insider program nor an accurate release date was announced. The last information in this regard was the statement of Ubisoft that Skull & Bones and other games should appear during this financial year (April 2022-March 2023).