Monster Hunter Rise is going to release its next huge extension, Sunny Dawn on June 30, 2022 . The upcoming patch will open a new era for the world-famous role-playing hit, which boasts new monsters for battles, hunting locations for research and characters with which you can tie eternal friendship.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - 7 New Things You Need to Know!
To access the expansion of Sunbreak on the launch day, you need to accomplish Hab 7 ★ Quest: Snake Goddess Thunder . To unlock this particular quest, you need to fulfill enough quests of the hub key from Center for collecting Camura village . You can climb in the star rating by performing a certain number of nodal and urgent tasks.

If you have a copy of Monster Hunter Rise and you have completed the above quest, you can register with the expansion of Sunbreak on June 30. You can pre-order Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak on Nintendo online store . The trial version of the basic game is also available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers until March 17, 2022.

You can find more news and manuals for Monster Hunter Rise right here, in Pro Game Guides. For example, all that is included in the digital extended edition of the Monster Hunter Rise game: Sunbreak.