Looking for the best Dex weapons from Elden Ring? The melee in the Souls series of fromSoftware has always been a fight between two pages: the heavy weapons with high levels of damage against the fast and skilled weapons with skill. Many of the visually and mechanically complex weapons of these games can be found in the skill category, which gives the players the speed advantage – and the possibility to look cool.

As with most things in Elden Ring, there is a considerable number of great Dex weapons from which you can choose to meet every situation, but only one handful can really be called the best * Elden Ring Dex Weapons * . Since the game follows the trend to make enemies faster and faster, you can often decide for a faster weapon to achieve this extra hit to make the difference.

So if you want to find out what makes the cut in our list of the best Dex weapons from Elden Ring, read on to find out.

Best Elden Ring Dex Weapons

Here are the best Dex weapons in Elden Ring:

  • Fang of the Bloodhound
  • Cragblade of the Dragon King
  • God’s skinny
  • Hand of Malenia
  • Moon veil
  • Morgotts cursed sword
  • Scorpion sting
  • Urumi

To get the most out of the above, we recommend that you apply the Keen affinity to all standard reinforcing weapons and keep your skill status high for the best possible scaling.

Bloodhound’s rice tooth

Similar to Ghiza’s Wheel in our best guide for ELDEN ring starch weapons, Bloodhounds acts rather as a quality weapon as a pure skid weapon. However, it is cutting on due to its increased scaling index in this list when updating it.

It is an excellent early game option for those who have made our choice for the best Elden Ring class, as it can be acquired and equipped pretty quickly by following Blaidd’s quest series. Although it is found so early and has relatively low occurrence requirements, Bloodhound’s catches arrange tremendous damage and has a great Moveset, with which you can defeat the hardest Elden Ring bosses.

Cragblade of the Dragon King

The Cragbblade of the Dragon King is one of the hardest weapons of the game and a reward for victory over the hidden boss Dragonlord Placidusax in Crumbling Farum Azula. And a reward is certainly to take the coat as one of the best Dex weapons from Elden Ring.

As a heavy shock sword, it combines insane range, fast attacks and fantastic damage to a completely exceptional tool. It also adds lightning attacks to cause additional damage to enemy vulnerabilities. Oh, and it has an ashes of the war that turns her stained into a literal lightning cloud that clasps to the enemy; Not bad, hm.


We are fans of all Twinblades here, so everyone could have created any of them on this list, but the Godskin Peeler stands out at the top.

The Godskin Peeler has the ever-stunning moveset of twin blades with the additional push of a sharp end and rains a flood of resistant damage to any enemy he touches. The use of the Keen affinity brings it to a wonderful A-scaling in skill, which makes it a strong choice, even in the late game, if you fully optimize your build.

The flexibility that it is also a standard reinforcement allows you to apply every war ash to the weapon, which means that you can also use some magical or lighting attacks for extra reach.

Hand of Malenia

Although the Cragblade of the Dragon King maybe the hardest weapon on this list is, the hand of Malenia is definitely the most difficult to procur.

As the name implies, it is the weapon of Malenia, Blade of Miquella, probably the toughest boss that from software has ever developed. As adequate compensation for their overcoming, they receive the well-best Dex weapon in Elden Ring. Mad damage, excellent range, bleeding structure and a monstrous ash of the war, together make the ideal weapon for a pure skill structure.

Moon veil

The hand of Malenia may be our choice for those who have a pure skill build, but the moon veil quickly developed into one of the best Meta weapons in the game for those who are willing to deal with intelligence. Our own Elden Ring-WeaponsRang list has taken the weapon directly into the S-stage for good reason, with the ashes of the war its main attraction.

A magic bow that can be sent horizontally or vertically and causes much more attitude damage than it is likely to cement one of the best Dex weapons from Elden Ring and is a fantastic option for enthusiastic PVP players. Do not be surprised if this gets a powerful Nerf in the near future.

Morgotts cursed sword

With a similar moveset like Bloodhound’s catch, Morgott’s Cursed Sword increases use by introducing arcane into the mixture. Without the Arcane, it serves as a first-class curved sword with high damage and praise range, but his blood infusion really brings it to the next stage.

It causes a high blood loss, which becomes better with higher arcane statistics, and has a blood flame ashes of the war, similar to his namesake, the enemy HP can break through. In addition, it is coated with a pearly effect for style points – of course, if you like something like that.

The sting of the scorpion

The sting of the scorpion, which can be found in the depths of the poor, gives the standard dagger a toxic turn. Through the devastating scarlet status effect, this blade can be poisonous with the correct application.

As soon as they attach the above-mentioned disease to an enemy, they can observe how his health shrinks faster than he can heal. Although luckily it does not require, it can encounter a few points in Arcane for anyone who has the bad luck, and strengthen this blade with the bloodshaded Reduvia.

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The Urumi sneaks into this list for two reasons: he is one of the few weapons that achieves S-scaling in the skill, which means that their damage goes through the blanket, and also because whips in elden ring just really fun do.

However, this whip is rather a limp sword, which can protrude for a deadly impact attack if necessary. In contrast to many other skill-based weapons, the Urumi is able to easily stumble enemies, making the stunning of their most owned intruders for children’s play.

This completes our complete list of the best Dex-Elden Ring Dex weapons, which offers you a large selection of different play styles to choose from.

Skill builds seem at the moment due to the sheer speed of some bosses to be the meta for melee players, but if they tend to hit heavy weapons hard, read our best elden ring organizer to fully equip themselves. For more general tips and tricks to tackle Lands Between, otherwise do not miss our Elden Ring Complete solution for everything you need to become Elden Lord.