2K Games and Supermassive Games, British Study responsible for Until Dawn and the Saga The Dark Pictures , have presented a new teenage terror game called The Quarry, from which you can see your first trailer below.

Horror, Choices, Alien and Innocent Lives [House of Ashes #1]

The game will follow the line “brand from the house” and offer a narrative terror in which each decision will have its consequences, and that will determine who lives and who does not. Of course, there will be a cinematographic distribution of known faces among which it stands out David Arquette , known for the role of it in the Saga SCREAM .

In addition to Arquette, the cast is composed of Ariel Winter (“Modern Family”), Justice Smith (“Jurassic World”), Brenda Song (“DollFace”), Lance Henriksen (“Aliens”), Lin Shaye (“A NightMare on Elm Street “) and more,

The game stands out for its visual appearance and for a narrative of the Slasher, in which terror will lead to nine teenage monitors to immerse themselves in a horror night , in which “Friendly talks and ligel give step Decisions of life or death, as the relationships are constructed or broken under the tension of unimaginable elections. “

Of course, intentions to play in company are still present and we can play up with 7 friends in an online game . Each player can choose the monitor of him and make his own decisions.

The Quarry will be launched on June 10, 2022 and will be available at PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.