Domestic personal developer Yul started distributing “ AIM CLIMB ” on March 19. The compatible platform is PC (STeam) and price is 780 yen. It corresponds to Japanese and English subtitles.

“AIM CLIMB” is a high difficulty Aim climbing game that aims to above by clicking on the screen. A cat girl who dreamed of the outside world lived in the dark cave, which is the stage of this work. Her players will advance her cave to her cave to take her to the outside world.

In the cave, colored spheres float. When the player aims to aim and clicks the sphere, a cat girl flys vigorously towards the direction of the sphere. However, gravity exists in the cave, and a cat girl does not have her scaffolding she falls. Therefore, the player clicks on a quick and quick-clicked scaffolding scaffolding. Little altitudes to rise and aim for the outside of the cave.

Aim Climb Gameplay Trailer | Store Link in Description
Another, a cat girl has a small jump that can be used for each cool time. Small jumpskills can be used in conjunction with Other skills will also appear depending on the progress of the stage. On the other hand, in this work, there is no factor that the girl’s girl walks left and right or changing her speed depending on the length of the mouse click. A quick click and a cool time small jump will be a means of climbing a cave. As a work that aims to be upward by clicking on the screen in the screen, it seems that it is a simple and intense mouse manipulation and the existence of skills.

As for the click target, other than the fixed green, which appears from the foremic of the game, the red and long-pressing yellow, long press that the linear range appears, and a yellow, long press to appear.. Also, at the start of the game, the degree of difficulty can be selected from three stages. In this work, the degree of difficulty changes upward and then the grace will change. Specifically, at Gamer AIM of intermediate difficulty, it will decelerate a little after jumping, but it will drop smoothly in the high difficulty Pro AIM that releases hell. The easiest Beginner AIM has a floating time floating and floating for a long time after jumping. Gamer AIM is a difficulty level, and if you make a mistake, you will be able to develop a difficult gameplay with a sense of tension that continues to move the mouse while you can return to the starting point.

Developing this work is a domestic personal developer YUL. As far as he sees his Twitter account, this work seems to be the first work for he. He has also tweeted with “difficulty difficulty. I’m sorry.” As you are looking for a high difficulty, it will be a work for a player who asks for aid and challenges.

“AIM CLIMB” is being distributed for 780 yen for PC (STeam).

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