While finding markers it may seem that it’s just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, in fact it offers a rather complex card with more than a few complex secrets that you need to find. With its latest Candilagend Update Find The Markers added 25 new markers to detect players, including the one we consider in this brief guide, the candy cane marker.

in search of a marker of lollipop

Once you appear in Find The Markers, go to the new map recently. Candidiland Area and locate the arch shown below.

To find the Marker Candy Cane Marker, we need to climb this arch and ride across the rainbow slide. To start climbing, go to the right side of the arch near the colorful gingerbread house. There should be three cliffs in this corner. Use large zefirki to climb the highest.

Now just climb around the arc and stop in front of the hill.

Go ahead to the slide, and your Robloksian will automatically sit down to descend on it.

In just a few seconds, the slide will turn you on the big marshmallow.

From this marshmallow, jump back to the slide and climb the corner shown below.

Now jump on the platform in front of you and go ahead. On the edge of this platform, adjust the camera so that it is directed to the output from the slide. Having done this, you should see a small caramel cachene, sitting on the platform – touch this caramel caramel to go to the next area, caramel cane room.

To get to the Marker Candy Cane, you need to jump over each of the red stripes in the Candy Cane room. If you do not do this, your Robloksian will be reset and sent to the appearance of experience.

As soon as you got to the Marker Candy Cane, add it to your collection, going to him and touching it. After that, you must get a pop-up window below!

How To Get The *CANDY CANE MARKER* In Roblox Find The Markers!

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