During the first months of the year, we saw as the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack received more games from the N64, leaving the fans of the Sega Genesis with the doubt of when they will receive some attention. Well, his prayers were heard, since three titles of this 16-bit console has come to the online service of great n.

By means of a new update, All users of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack can already play light Crusader, Super Fantasy Zone, and _alien soldier _ . This is a small description of each of these titles:

  • _Alien Soldier _ , developed by Treasure, puts you on the feet of a bird with steel wings in his fight against 25 bosses.

  • _SUPER FANTASY ZONE _ is a 2D shooter, and one of the classic titles of this console, where you take the OPA-OPA control in an adventure for various planets.

  • _Light Crusader _ , also from Treasure, is an RPG of action that takes place in a medieval fantasy world.

SEGA Genesis - March 2022 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online
The last time the application of Sega Genesis received additional games, it was last December, when altered Beast, Toejam & Earl, Dynamite Headdy, Sword of Vermilion, and Thunder Force II joined the list. Let’s hope we do not have to wait another three months to see how this catalog expands.

On related topics, f-zero X is now available in this service. Similarly, Nintendo has solved a problem in the online switch emulation.

Editor’s note:

As I never had a Sega Genesis, the Offers of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack always call me attention. From this selection, llight crusader is the one that catches me the most, and I hope to enjoy this title as soon as possible.