[Kids News 24 Moon Young-soo] Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young-soo) concluded Strategic Partnership for Netmarble F & A (Representative Surgery), I announced a job.

Both companies conduct technical cooperation necessary for metaverse world implementation through this MOU. Metabus World is a developed metabus world based on Netmarble F & A, is a platform that is based on a block chain technology, a webtun, web novel, and commerce (webtoon web novel), and commerce.

In this Convention, Netmarble F & A leads Metase World Development and introduces a variety of projects that apply Unity Engine / Technology. Unity provides technical support and advisory for metaverse, and is responsible for training for metabus professional manpower.

For Metabus World, Netmarble F and Mr. Established a 100% stake in August, established a metaverse entertainment, established a metaverse entertainment, last October, with a partnership for Cacao Entertainment and Digital Human Technology and Entertainment Synergy.

In January, Net Marble F and Mr., was a block chain, based on a block chain for the Metanomix ecosystem, and acquired a virtual asset wallet service provider ‘Bonotech Monroids’ last February. The merger is a decision to speed up on the development of metanomics, and it will formulate the “Golden Brosc”, which is the first collaborative project, and the “Golden Bros”, which is a new collaborative project.

In addition, Netmarble F and Mr. Net has signed a partnership with Biennes last month to provide a platform, a technical infrastructure, and a technology infrastructure, and based on it, based on it, it decided to establish a proprietary side chain on a Bienne Smart Chain (BSC).

The facility ‘Meta Bus VFX Institute’ is completed in the first half of this year. The ‘Metabus VFX Institute’ is a single motion capture facility, with the largest in Korea, equipped with motion capture, chroma keys, and systemic scanning, such as metabus world and digital human mask.

“Malva”, “Meetmabe F & A,” Metropolitan Government, “Meetamble F & A,” Metropolitan Government, “Netmabble F & A,” said Netmabbus, said, It will be a platform. “

Kim In Sook Yii Korea, said, “The metaverse platform implementation from the game to digital human, entertainment is also a meaningful experience as a unity.” I added a metaverse platform to the market. “