[Eye News 24 Mun Young Soo] The Smile Gate Hope Studio is awarded the Development Support Project (MOU) ) I said I was concluded.

The boundary intelligent child does not correspond to intellectual disorders, but refers to children that correspond to the average intelligence of IQ 71 to 84 levels.

This project was based on Ansan and Seongnam’s Smile House Platform in Ansan and Seongnam, where Hope Studio is aware of the problem of abusive victims. Solving the Smile House Troubleshooting Solution The solution for blindness, public institutions, private organizations, and businesses are expected to be an instrument to spread to the community.

In addition, Sunday Tose, who participates as a business sponsor, will provide a game donation event with ‘Anifang 2’ and ‘Shanghai Affinic’, and to solve social problems through active participation of game users. In addition, the brain development solution that the Smile Gate Group Establishment Foundation Orange Planet is released is a policy to provide digital cognitive treatment services.

In the meantime, Hope Studio has been operating a Smile House platform for troubleshooting of blindfolded children since 2016. We supported the 8-star Smile House and have supported a sustainable troubleshooting solution that linked to a private and national resources (including government subsidies), supporting sustainable troubleshooting solutions, and supporting admission and self-reliance. In the meantime, Hope Studio is the result of the authentic and integrated solution.

On the other hand, Hope Studio plans to spread the Smile House Platform to the Alienation Area through the Christmas contributions that last year, and the Christmas contributions participating in the year-end arc users.

“I am going to be a society troubleshooting platform, which is a social problem solving platform,” I am going to be a social problem solving platform, “I am going to be a social problem solving platform,” I am going to be a social problem solving platform that excavates and diagnose a rectangular area, such as a boundary intelligent child problem. ” A group, a corporation, and a company will be able to spread them together and spread to sustainable troubleshooting. “