Ubisoft joins the companies that see the cloud computing a future technology to allow game creators to overcome the limits established by the current hardware. Here is the announcement of Ubisoft Scalar, a home technology supposed to open the door to new possibilities.

Ubisoft Scalar is a new basic technology that allows Ubisoft titles to use the cloud power for developers to be not limited by time or hardware, but by their imagination. The result could allow game worlds Larger, more social and richer than anything that has been seen so far at Ubisoft “, explains Ubisoft, who has been working on this technology from its Stockholm studio, in collaboration with Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Redlynx, Ubisoft Bucharest and Ubisoft kyiv

Ubisoft Scalar Announce Trailer: A Cloud Native Technology

Not to be confused with home engines like Anvil and SnowDrop, Scalar is a tool that operates in addition to the engines in question and intends to eliminate technical constraints with developers have always juggled. “Once we delete them, what do we really want to create? _”, Rightly asks the Product Director Per-Olof Romell. A good question to which no one responds, but we know at least that a new license is in preparation to fully exploit the possibilities offered by this technology.

“_ A very important aspect that Ubisoft Scalar brings is that the services are always available. The game works permanently and it is always possible to update certain elements. Developers can create very rich worlds that can grow, Evolve and change as players play there. This creates a much narrower link between developers and players, adds the Christian Holmqvist Technical Director.

It will become more players in a single shared world, which I think will introduce new social experiences that we have never seen before. It will also be possible to create world simulations on a scale and with a complexity never seen before. If you add this to one of the pillars and strengths of Ubisoft – the creation of worlds – this allows us to build larger and richer worlds for players “, ensures its Côté Patrick Bach, Managing Director of Ubisoft Stockholm.

In short, the kind of speech that we have the impression to hear for years and who only wants to take shape controller, one day, perhaps. But for the time being, this press release is also a call for the recruitment of the Technologies Pole for Scalar teams but also from SnowDrop.