Publisher Team 17 announced diesel puncture FPS “ Marauders “. The compatible platform is scheduled to start early access delivery in PC (STeam) and in the second half of 2022. From the trailer video, as shown in “Escape From Tarkov”, it is possible to confirm the game play with the main supplies search and escape in the raid.

“Marauders” is an online FPS game on the stage of the universe. The player is a space pirate alone or three teams, and rushes into a huge space frigate ship that will be mapped. While searching for a warework, we will fight against the enemy player and enemy AI (Raid).

The world of this work is drawn in the characteristic setting that the first World Warred Warred Warred Warred Warred Warred Warred Warred Warred Warred Warred Warred World World Warlies and Industrialized Earth has entered the universe. Space figuration ships that become space war and map are also diesel punk design rather than near future SF. From the trailer video, it can be confirmed that a relatively retro thing such as a firearm used in World War II appeared.

In this work, a system capable of carrying the equipment between matches is adopted. Also, by using the acquired XP (experience value), it seems that attachments used to customize weapons can be unlocked. Besides, it is possible to upgrade your spacecraft using resources acquired in the search. As well as FPS, it seems that it is a game that can enjoy battle by spacecraft.

Handling this work is a developer SMALL IMPACT GAMES based in UK. Although it is small, it is composed of staff with AAA title development experience. In 2016, for PC (STeam), the multiplayer game “The Black Death”, which is set to the medieval Europe that Pest widespread, has been delivering early access.

“Marauders” plans for early access delivery from the second half of 2022 for PC (STeam). Gameplay seems to be unveiled at the game event “W.A.S.D.D.”, which is held from London April 7. I want to expect follow-up.