[Data provided: Gravity]

\ – March 30, 12:00 pm, Mobile Growth Strategy Simulation Game Using Paladin IP Domestic Services Start

\ – From March 30 to April 30, a variety of users will be available for various users

Global Global Game Corporation Gravity regularly launched Mobile SRPG today.

is a growth-shaped strategy simulation game that defeats the Undead Corps by growing various heroes, including the main character pallades. In 2011, the first Korean app, a new golden award, a newly interpreted the IP, and you can feel different growth factors and strategies that are not a defense element that was the primary elements of the ip game.

In addition, more users participated in advance reservations and pre-downloads from advance to the previous day, and showed anticipation of the game.

Gravity conducts nine species of domestic launch commemoration of from March 30 to April 30th. In the game, the game provides a variety of benefits from March 30 to April 27, 4 kinds of payment events, levels of level achievement compensation for levels of level, and 2-time events, league ranking events, and hot-time events.

In addition, the official Naver lounge will proceed together with the VIP event, lounge join event, skins, and best attack events, such as VIP events, lounge join events, skin fixes, and best attack events.

“Paladin Tactics> The person in charge of the person,” Paladin Tax> refers to the opinions that the users left in the third CBT, and the “Paladin Tax> was formally launched in Korea. He said, “I am going to continue to showcase colorful events and content so that users can enjoy the game more fun.”

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Domestic launching and events are available for details on Official Naver Lounge .