Toni Söderholm remains ice hockey national coach. The Finn agreed with the German Ice Hockey Confederation (DEB) on an extension of his in the summer contract until 2026. Söderholm had started succession of the Olympic Silver medal winner Marco Storm in December 2018 and taken over the national team.

“This is a trendy and extremely important personnel decision, but also extremely important personnel decision,” said Deb President Franz Reindl and praised Söderholm: “He is a well-respected, recognized coach, with which our national players work purposefully.”

At its first World Cup 2019, the Finn reached the quarter-finals with the DEB selection after heavy preliminary rounds, two years later, the German team even stormed into the semi-finals and climbed in the world rankings in five place. Early from the Olympic Games in Beijing Already in the play-off by the quarterfinal feed was the first setback for the 43-year-old. Next task is the World Cup in Finland (13 to 29 May).

“I am pleased about the trust and further cooperation,” said Söderholm: “Our concentration is now the World Cup preparation and the World Cup in Helsinki. We want to go the next steps with the German ice hockey.”

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