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The release of the culinary horror took place

The Bad Vices Games studio has released the Ravenus Devils culinary Horror Simulator, where players have to help Persival and Hildred to manage an extremely unusual store with studio and pub. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that visitors who came to order an outfit are killed, and then food is prepared from these corpses, which is served guests in the pub.

In addition to the constant replenishment of “ingredients”, users have to improve their business in order to get rich as quickly as possible until no one has found out this terrible secret and revealed it to the whole city.

Horror Movie Meets Resource Management: Bedeville Carnival Impressions

Ravenous Devils is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Those interested in the game can take a free demo version before buying, which is available on Steam.

Game Culture Foundation recruits lecturers of 2022 Game Culture Class

[Young Moon Young -soo] The Game Culture Foundation is recruiting instructors for ‘2022 Game Culture Class’ by May 13th.

The 2022 Game Culture Class operates ‘Textbook -oriented Education’ and ‘Topic Selection’ course for elementary, middle school students and school youth, and other students in other students in order to help spread the sound game culture and explore the career paths..

The textbook -centered curriculum consists of gamership training to prevent games and immersion and spread the sound game culture. The subject selection lecture course consists of ▲ prevention education (prevention of games and immersion, cyber violence) ▲ Other education (adults, personal information protection, copyright protection, e -sports industry and career).

The War on the West: Douglas Murray's newly released book | Douglas Murray & Jordan Peterson
The Game Culture Foundation will select about 300 lecturers in six areas (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang, Jeolla, Gangwon, Jeju) through the first document screening and second competency screening.

It is recruited for each education field (game -consumer, game utilization coding) and can be duplicated. Reception can be done on the homepage of the game culture class.

The lecturers selected for this recruitment will be a lecturer for game culture classes from August to July next year, and will operate online and offline education for schools and institutions.

Gensin Impact 2.7: Will Kuki Shinobu be a support or a DPS?

The upcoming version 2.7 of Gensin Impact is only a few weeks away and the fans could not be more excited because the new update will not only make a new series of quests and events, but also the debut of two new 5-star characters Hydro Archer Yelan and 4-star Electro-Sword user Kuki Shinobu. But will Kuki Shinobu be a support or a DPS? To answer this and to ensure that you are prepared for your arrival, we will now tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming optimal 4-star role of the game in one composition.

Kuki Shinobu Main Dps Build Guide | Genshin Impact leaks

Kuki Shinobus Kit

According to many leaks and the descriptions of their kit, which are presented in Project AMBER, Kuki Shinobus will contain normal attacks 4 quick blows, their charged attack will then consist of 2 strong sword strikes. Her elementary ability to do so, on the other hand, enables her to create a grass ring of sanctification at the expense of part of her HP. The ring then follows its active character, while it regularly causes elementary damage and heals its character on the field, similar to Barbaras and Qiqi’s elementary skills. Last but not least, her Elemental Burst, Narukami Kariyama Rite, will consist of an Aoe electric attack that is set in such a way that it regularly causes damage based on her maximum HP.

Will Kuki Shinobu be a supporter or a DPS?

In view of what we said above, as well as all the leaks, we can confirm that Kuki Shinobu will be a support that focuses on causing a lot of damage and healing them efficiently by both their Elemental Skill and theirs Elemental Burst uses. On a different note, according to the leaks, her two innate promotion talents, Breaking Free and Heart’s Repose will concentrate on it, increase their damage and healing capacity, based on their HP and on their total value of Elemental Masterey.

See also

Genshin Impact 2.6: Are Mistsplitters Refored and the Unfebret worth being drawn?

Genshin effect is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile devices-Android and iOS.

Attack of the fanboy / captain / Gensin Impact 2.7: Will Kuki Shinobu be a support or a DPS?

The ex-employees of Blizzard Versailles obtain the invalidation of the Second Dismissal Plan

In December of last year, we returned to the dismissal of Blizzard Versailles employees at length – nearly 400 people between 2019 and 2021 – in a survey giving the floor to part of them and about which European management of the company had refused to comment. At the time of publication, the employees concerned by the second plan to safeguard employment still delivered a legal battle against Blizzard, before the Administrative Court of Versailles. After being dismissed for the first time, they finally won the case in the court of appeal.

A The time we write these lines, the dispute formulated by the CSE has just been examined by the Versailles court. The public rapporteur asked for the rejection of all the challenges of the CSE “, we wrote in conclusion of our investigation published last December, a few days of a judgment which ultimately followed the recommendations of the public rapporteur. But the employees members of the CSE had not said their last word and appealed the decision.

A unilateral modification of the agreement

A new public rapporteur thus seized the case and his conclusions were this time favorable to their requests. A victorious appeal on which Maître Bouzaida, lawyer at the Paris bar who accompanied the employees in court, was kind enough to share his analysis with us: “The new public rapporteur gave us right on a point, that the administrative court ‘Versailles call retained. To make a PSE, the law leaves two possibilities to the employer “, he comments, before continuing:” Soit do it alone: he then unilaterally develops the document; Either he has the possibility of doing so by agreement with union organizations. It turns out that there has been a collective agreement which was reached, in extremis. And in these cases, there is always a form of blackmail between signing what is negotiated or not signing and receiving less. The problem is that the labor administration reported to the employer that it was missing in this agreement measures to preserve the health of employees who were to remain a little longer for the needs of the closure. Instead of discussing it with the trade union organizations that had signed the agreement, the company presented a note with some measures to the social and economic committee. However – and this is a principle in law – what we establish by agreement, it can only be modified by agreement. So this is what was punished: once you have concluded an agreement, you cannot then complete it al1. Management defended it by arguing that completing an agreement, it is not modifying it. While this is obviously the case, the public rapporteur has also resumed this reformulation by saying that completing a document, it is modifying “.

He continues: “_ON can consider that this is only a procedural point, but it is the very object of the appeal before the administrative judge. He is not there to judge the economic reason, the law prevents him from it. It is only there to judge whether the administration did its job well during the CSE consultation procedure and then to validate or not the employer’s project. And he judged that the administration should not have validated, because by modifying alone a collective agreement, the employer committed a fault. ”This invalidation of the PES thus opens the way to possible additional compensation, d ‘A minimum of 6 months of salary according to a provision of the Labor Code, for ex-employees who will make the decision to contest the economic reason for the plan before the industrial tribunal, the only body capable of giving them reason on this point. However, this is not necessarily guaranteed, as Master Bouzaida specifies: “_For all employees who will act before the industrial tribunal to challenge their dismissal, the decision of the administrative court of appeal that we have obtained therefore allows – provided that it is final – to be assured of obtaining a minimum allowance of 6 months of salary, while the scale says Macron, that the judges could apply if they consider that the layoffs are without cause real and serious, provides as a minimum compensation equal to three months’ salary.

That’s the big hypocrisy of this legal system from a law passed in 2013: we can sanction the administration and, behind it the company, not to have done things correctly, but instead of Take all the consequences and prevent the implementation of the reorganization – and there in this case the closure – in the meantime, we let it go.

Master Mehdi Bouzaida

However, no reintegration of licensed employees is possible at this stage, as Master Bouzaida explains again: “It that, the big hypocrisy of this legal system resulting from a law voted in 2013: we can Sanction the administration and, behind it, the company, not to have done things correctly, but instead of drawing all the consequences and preventing the implementation of the reorganization – and there in this case the closure – In the meantime, we let it go. Concretely, as soon as the administration validated the plan, in the days that followed, the company hastened to send the letters of dismissal. In other words, we dismiss people, a few months later comes a court decision like the one we have obtained, but the law says at that time that we are not going to impose on society to reintegrate everyone so we just provides compensation.

Blizzard Forums BANNING Users To Protect Warcraft 3: Reforged

Pay, rather than maintaining jobs

A situation which had already occurred during the first PSE, in 2019, which led, at the time, to the dismissal of 134 employees: “en 2019, we had already obtained the cancellation of the decision which allowed the application of the previous PES. Again, as management had immediately sent the letters of dismissal, the dismissed persons could not find their jobs, when still once, we had a court decision that sanctioned the behavior of the employer “, remembers Maître Bouzaida, before giving us his analysis of this bias: “si we say that we should not have been able to dismiss people because we cancel the decision that allowed you to do so, pursuing the Reasoning to the end, that means that they should be reintegrated. However, the 2013 legislator did not dare to draw all the consequences of this situation, especially under pressure from employers. And again, we prefer to pay that keeping the jobs. »

Contacted, the European Blizzard Activision Directorate did not wish to comment on this decision of the Versailles Administrative Court of Appeal.

Netmarble starts 28 days of Golden Bros Early Accessory

[early Moon Young -soo] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young -sik, Do Ki -wook) will start the early access of the casual shooting game ‘Golden Bros’ on the 28th.


Early access will be held in the Philippines for four weeks starting on the 28th. Users can download and play games from Google Play, Apple App Store, and official brand sites.

Netmarble will pay ‘EGBP’, an early access point to users who play after wearing NFT costumes obtained by Free Sale. The point can be exchanged with the game token ‘GBC’ after the official launch.

In addition, all users who participate in early access also provide unlimited benefits of costume durability in combat, and the classical grade costume of the hero Jennifer will be presented to the user who achieved a certain league in the pre -season.

Netmarble will hold a free sale at the Binance NFT Market on the 27th and on the 28th at the Cube Market on the 28th. Limited edition costumes and collection cards that can be obtained from Free Sale can be used in the game after early access or formal launch.

Golden Bros, meanwhile, is a blockchain -based casual shooting game developed by Netmarble F & C. It is characterized by easy and concise gameability. Players can play a unique hero and play three to three real -time PVP battles, such as farming, growth, hitting, hidden, and ultimate use.

FC Bayern: Benzema closes to Lewandowski

Karim Benzema from Real Madrid has shortened his gap to Robert Lewandowski from the German record champion Bayern Munich in the eternal scorer list of the Champions League. In the 3: 4 (1: 2) defeat in the semi-final first leg at Manchester City, Benzema achieved a double pack for the “royal”.

With his hits, the Frenchman put his personal goal account at 85. He is only a goal behind Lewandowski (86), which had failed with the Munich team in the quarter -finals.

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United continues to run with 140 goals in the ranking. The Argentinian Lionel Messi (125) from the new French champion Paris St. Germain is in second place. Both players were eliminated with their teams in the round of 16.

the most successful Champions League goal shooters:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo 140 goals *
2. Lionel Messi 125 *
3. Robert Lewandowski 86 *
4. Karim Benzema 85 *
5. Raul 71
6. Ruud van Nistelrooy 56

7. Thomas Müller 52 *
8th. Thierry Henry 50
9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 48 *
9. Andriy Shevchenko 48

(*) Player still active

Apex Legends: Salvation

EA and respawn entertainment present the next major update of the hero shooter with APEX LEGENDS: Salvation, which will be released worldwide on May 10th.
As the latest legend, salvation introduces the heroic defender Newcastle, who plunges into the battle with his sign to protect his team.

Verses that Teach Salvation can be Lost (Part 2)
The official launch trailer can be seen here:

More details about Apex Legends: Salvation will be announced shortly before the update of the update on May 10 on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol adds two characters to the black order

The black order has just become a little bigger in _marvel: crisis protocol. Details were not announced about the skills of these characters or what their threat levels will be, but the characters will surely be part of the affiliation of Black Order, which is already one of the strongest of the game. You can see a first look at the sculptures below:

Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Ultimate Guide to Black Order
Both characters appeared for the first time during the time of Jonathan Hickman. Vegators and New Avengers Running. While SuperGiant was a member of the Black Order during his Earth’s invasion when Thanos went in search of the gem of time. Supergiant finished dead at the hands of the inhumans Maximus and Lockjaw (the last of which is also a playable character in araravilla: crisis protocolo). Meanwhile, Black Swan was a survivor of an alternative land that was destroyed during an incursion event and was recruited by Black Swans, a group that was secretly serving Victor Von Doom to help at the attempts to stabilize the Multiverse. Although she apparently was killed during the secret warfare, she returned and joined the remaining members of the black order.

MARVEL: crisis protocol is a miniature skirmish game in which players control the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe while competing against another player. Players can use any configuration of heroes and villains, as long as the total threat level of their team is equal or less than the level of threat of any scenario in which players choose to play. Players often form teams around a single affiliation, since some characters have leadership skills that are activated when a team of characters belongs mostly to the same group.

SuperGiant and Black Swan will be added to _MARVEL: crisis protocol after this year.

Approach game in Dune

With Dune: Spice Wars will be a method game in the famous Scifi universe tomorrow. First, an early access stage is running in which gamers can attempt a very early variation. The most recent gameplay in the video clip.

Dune Spice Wars Hands-on Preview

What is Dune: Spice Wars? Behind the game stands the developer Workshop Shiro Gamings, which might or else be recognized for the Viking-RTS Northgard. Funcom works as an author, which is known, for instance, as an author for the survival MMO Conan Expatriation.

When begins the Very early Access? Morning, on April 26, it begins through Vapor. Currently you can just put the game on the desire listing. The price continues to be open.

If you are trying to find more video games in the instructions, looks at our listing with the 12 finest method video games for PC with multiplayer 2022, where Northgard is additionally provided.

According to the official Heavy steam side, it is a real-time method game as well as, as the name exposes, worked out in the Dune world. You will certainly release your intrigue to attain the suprovence on the desert world of Arrakis, a few of you might understand from the movie or publications.

New World, merger fusion: change seems to bear fruit. But for how long ?

Presque sept mois après sa sortie, la popularité de New World semble s’être éteinte. Un nombre trop conséquent de serveurs, la plupart vides ou presque, a eu raison de beaucoup de joueurs, et les développeurs ont commencé à en fusionner certains il y a quelques mois pour raviver la flamme. Où en est New World après une énième fusion et un évènement autour de Pâques ?

69 996 vues

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

La danse des serveurs

Depuis sa sortie en septembre 2021,New World a fait parler de lui à de nombreuses reprises, et pas toujours en bien. Après un lancement explosif recensant plus de 700 000 joueurs simultanés, et un pic de popularité en octobre s’élevant à pas moins de 900 000 joueurs connectés à un instant t, le MMORPG d’Amazon Game Studios est vite redescendu sur terre. Victimes de leur popularité, les serveurs du jeu n’étaient pas capables de gérer autant de joueurs d’un coup, résultant en des files d’attente interminables, similairement au lancement de Lost Ark ou de Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker. Pour palier ce problème, les développeurs ont dû ouvrir de nouveaux serveurs, ce qui s’est malheureusement révélé futile après quelques semaines lorsque le nombre de joueurs a commencé à diminuer.

La chute démographique a été brutale, et New World est passé de plus de 900 000 joueurs simultanés à 145 000 en l’espace de deux mois, laissant derrière eux des serveurs sous-peuplés voire carrément déserts. La solution des développeurs a été de fusionner les serveurs vides avec les plus populaires pour non seulement permettre aux joueurs d’interagir davantage, mais aussi pour résoudre des problèmes liés aux PNJs, qui s’attaquaient aux villes abandonnées, empêchant les quelques joueurs encore présents de faire progresser leurs personnages. Depuis, la population en Aeternum continue de baisser, avec une moyenne de 20 000 joueurs ces dernières semaines. Le MMORPG d’Amazon a cependant réussi à attirer quelques nouvelles têtes grâce à l’ouverture de serveurs free-to-play le weekend dernier, et il semblerait qu’une nouvelle fusion des serveurs payants commence à porter ses fruits :

Vers un renouvellement de la playerbase ?

L’objectif majeur de cette nouvelle fusion était de maximiser la population sur un serveur plutôt que de voir les joueurs s’éparpiller sur des serveurs quasiment vides. De cette façon, ils pourraient trouver des coéquipiers pour les expéditions, et prendre part à des combats en PvP plus facilement. C’est dans cette optique qu’Amazon Game Studios a décidé de regrouper des serveurs clés dans le monde entier. Vous pourrez retrouver le détail de la fusion des serveurs d’Europe Centrale juste ici :

  • Asgard, Hadès, Hellheim, Fae et Caer Sidi font désormais partie de Abaton

MASSIVE server merges happening TOMORROW in New World, ALL remaining merges at once
* Styx, Antillia, Utgard et Learad ont fusionné avec Aaru
* Lyonesse a rejoint Nysa
* Bifrost, Niflheim, Bengodi et Kor appartiennent maintenant à Tir Na Nog
* Arcturus a fusionné avec Tartarus

Depuis cette opération, le nombre de serveurs francophones est passé de trois à deux (Nysa et Ship-Trap) et pas moins de six serveurs européens sont considérés comme plein. Avec cette fusion et le weekend de Pâques, les serveurs allemands Aaru et Evonium semblent avoir fait carton plein avec plus de 1600 connexions simultanées, et la communauté a l’air d’apprécier le changement. Les joueurs peuvent désormais trouver du soutien pour remplir leurs quêtes assez rapidement, et les guerres de faction ont repris leur cours, rendant l’atmosphère de New World beaucoup plus conviviale qu’elle ne l’a été ces derniers mois. Le seul point noir sur ce tableau est le manque de ressources, puisque les farmers ont tendance à se regrouper à des endroits clés pour faire le plein de matériaux, mais les développeurs devraient pouvoir remédier à ce problème dans un patch future.

Et vous, jouez-vous toujours à New World ? Si vous avez arrêté, comptez-vous refaire un tour en Aeternum maintenant que la population est plus dense ? Dites-nous tout dans les commentaires !

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

Sommaire de la soluce de New World

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