Xbox Insiders recently received an Minecraft Update as part of the new Minecraft Preview test program with a new feature insinuated within that update. Reference was made to the ray trace, a function that is available in the PC version of the game and that the people of other platforms have been asking for a long time. That, of course, led people to believe that the ray tracing would actually reach the Xbox systems and perhaps other places, but the Minecraft the team clarified those speculations this week when confirming that there are no “near future plans” for The rays trace in the consoles.

The Minecraft Preview update in question came out earlier this week, but if you did not get it when it was available, it does not make sense to review it now for the ray plot now that the references to the graphics function have been eliminated. The Officer Minecraft The Twitter account confirmed this week by recognizing the error in the Minecraft Preview update launched for Xbox Insiders and said that “without realizing it included a prototype code for standing rays support in the Xbox consoles.” For those who thought that this meant that the function was on the way soon, they will have to continue waiting, since Mojang said that the accidental inclusion of this function “does not indicate close-up plans to provide rays standing support to consoles.”

It is worth noting that the previous statement does not say that the ray trace will never reach the consoles, it only says that the accident in the update is not an indication that the function is part of the “near future plans” of Mojang. Then, those in the consoles can still expect the function in the future, but apparently not at this time.

Microsoft and the Minecraft The team has certainly spoken about the ray trace in relation to the Xbox consoles and the PC platform in the past before the function will be enabled in the latter for those with PCs that admit it. In March 2020, when it was still talked about Xbox Series X before its launch, an article on the Xbox cable showed the potential impact of the ray trace in Minecraft. A month later, in April 2020, Microsoft invited people to try the rays tracing on Windows 10 systems.

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The ray trace can still reach minecraft in consoles in the future, but it is probably better to expect things like the new biome and mobs, for now.