Although everything seems to be against him, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), does not give up with E3. Today it was announced that the digital edition of this event for 2022 has been canceled. This marks the second year in which this fair for the videogame industry simply will not be carried out. However, the organizers are already thinking about 2023.

By means of a shared statement for several media, that has revealed that it is intended to carry out E3 2023 in a face-to-face and digital way at some point in the following year . This was what was commented about:

“We will dedicate all your energy and resources to offer an E3 physical and digital experience revitalized next summer. Regardless of what you enjoyed the exhibition floor or your favorite dives, the 2023 showcase will unite the community, the media and industry in a completely new format and an interactive experience. “

At the moment, exactly it is unknown to refer to that with a “completely new format”. While the pandemic can be partly responsible for the cancellation of this year, If the E3 2023 suffers from a similar destination, there will be no many excuses in that possibility.

Digital & Physical E3 2022 Event Officially Canceled: So What's Next? - IGN Now

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Editor’s note:

E3 remains an extremely important event for the industry, and see that this year’s edition was canceled, it is quite sad. Hopefully, next year things will be different, and I can attend Los Angeles with the rest of the industry.