The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto “as soon as possible”, “explosion play repo”.

This time Massive Galaxy Studios wants to deliver live content about the rogue card battle “ for the warp ” released to Windows PC (Steam /, May 29, 2022, 2022. increase. Originally, early access started in March 2020, this time, this time is formally released as a product version. Also in February, it is also delivered to Nintendose switches outside Japan.

# What is “For The Warp”?

This work is a deck construction card battle game that promotes and explores his spaceship on the stage of the large universe. We will capture the stage and aim at the deepest part while moving and fighting the combat part. Movement lights the remaining fuel and the surrounding events, and in the battle, while reading the two hands, we will start luck to the side of luck. The map generated by the procedure and the rogue light element that all died, the rogue light element to return to the water fusion, and enjoyed the play experience with . ** Let’s introduce it immediately.

# About setting

Operation supports keyboard and mouse. Note that the controller is connected and operated, but Note that it tends the stick to move the mouse cursor.

Other settings are about graphics and sounds, but both have a simple item such as screen size and volume.

In addition, unexpolent English is unfortunately Japanese language. However, since the English words used during the game are simple, there is no hardship to it……

# Full World’s World

Overall Pappa and the Bang Ban fight, somewhere Board Games I feel like a play. Contrary to the speedy game tempo, the world view is good, and various flavor texts, including the enemy’s spacecraft, are very rich.

There is also a wikipedia-based menu, so it is also good to enjoy the readings in the game rules check. Personally, I love the style: “We will develop the basic type” of the enemy shipping.

# Heavyness selection

Now, select NEW GAME from the title screen to switch to the screen of the difficulty selection screen. Because the difficulty level is different from searching and combat, it is good to learn the rules by advancing from the beginning of the beginning.

By the way, about the bottom “Draft”, special rules that can select 10 cards.

# Spacecraft choice

Next, choose a ship that gets riding. Of all six vessels, only one can be used from the beginning. Other than that, it is unlocked and can be used with various conditions such as stage boss defeat.

Each ship has a performance difference, which is mainly affected by the type of card prepared as a dad. This work is a part of the deck construction type card battle, and thereafter, the card obtained by this resident and search in the battle will divide the light and dark.

search start

I arrived at the first star system stage. Immediately after the stage starts, there is a chance to get the card by the inter-shear event.

If you get passive skills, you will be able to get it if it is possible if it is possible if it is possible. However, in order to make the form of purchase, it is not available if there is not enough money, and it will be a boy in a baseball cap to extend the hand from the throat to seek the musical instrument in the showcase.

Been is also composed of five stages, and explores the warp gate in each stage as a goal. The map of the stage is grid-like, and will advance a ship once in one adjacent square.

Movement One fuel is reduced by one…… For this reason, if it moves in harmlessly, it will be exhaustive and you can not get your movement. Then, like a friendly other ship like an image, but the fuel passed is the tears of the sparrow. Moreover, because this is fucked by this fortune and the enemy, a battle will occur, so we will promote the space as soon as possible. **

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However, it is not possible to make it easy to go straight to the destination as it saves, and various events and obstacles appear on the way. These icons are not visible, but they block their owner when they come to adjacent squares.

For example, if the image is the above image, there is an object of meteorites and artificial satellites that play a role of passing as “obstacle” as a volae. Furthermore, the yellow icon means “Event” , red means “battle” **, so I would like to avoid the latter as much as possible.

If you advance the frame to the event mass, such a scene will flow, and you will have a choice of YES · NO. This will change the result if you want to get the item or threw it. Items are fuel, funds or helpful, so it is good to receive positive.

By the way, the orange highlighted mass on the map is a bonus that can acquire either funding, fuel and equipment (cards), so this is also possible to use it if possible.


A battle will occur if you reach the battle mass being searched or a warp gate that is a stage goal. Because the warpage match is so-called “Boss Battle” , a powerful enemy appears and it takes place here.

The battle progresses by a change in the work of his action turn, and the other party, and uses card cards, Remaining action (action point) is turned end… If ** is zero, it is an orthodox type.

The screen is simple and simple. A volaship is left, the enemy is right, the upper right, the upper part of each one, the blue shield point, and the own shaft, and the icon of the green action point, the financial fuel, and special effects is lined down.. It is a hand-held card drawn from the decadion under the screen, and the contents are random.

There are various types of cards, basically damaging enemies “Attack” type and shield points to yourself “Defense” type is the main. Other than that, “special effects” are lined up, and depending on the conditions, it is an integral part of the offense of recovering his shield while damaging.

Click on the Floppy Disk-Dede Design Card and let’s say “click”, and if it is an attack, click yourself if you defend the enemy. At that time, action points are used for the number of numbers displayed at the top left of the card. This means that if the remaining points are 1, 2 or more cards can not be used.

Here is the difference in my strength difference, and this is a bit disadvantage. Since the multi-body must be dealt with at the same time each time the stage is advancing, the battle has a very teeth even with Normal. Therefore, it depends on the type of volae, but in the initial ship, first, the shield is expanded, and the enemy’s attack is received at the consumption of the shield point, and the counterparts with the counterparty is zero, and the counterparts The battle method to make an attack only was valid.

If you win the battle, you can get one of the rare cards and quite rare cards as a reward. “Burst Shields” was indebted many times in the post-consecutive combat. Whenever you charge the shield point, there was a special effect that three damage to the entire enemy has been damaged, and when it was chased with the boss battle, it was connected to the beginning of the origin.

in conclusion

I got an attack-specific ship because I got a specialized ship! If I thought I was a honeycomb from three nigsts from three homes, explosion four scattering. The journey of the universe seems to be a steep road for the author yet.

What I felt about the battle can enjoy a fight with a quick play, but I have no boss battle, but there is no way of fighting with basically it to fight.

However, it is fun to cut a piece from the card distributed to your hand and cut a piece of battle. If there is an update in the future, I’m glad if there are additional ships, stages and cards.