Purse Snatching Incident
The pursuit duel between 1860 Munich and the 1st FC Saarbrücken has received additional explosive through the Turkish Cover withdrawal. Without this, Saarbrücken on Saturday had traveled with six points ahead of the lions, now it’s just 1. The profiteer of the Causa TurkGücü meets the loser. The question is: Who underpins the lurking position in the ascent race? Before the groundbreaking home game, which takes place 15,000 fans, the lions plague new concerns: First goalkeeper Hiller reported with a positive PCR test, then even salgers who crossed in training. The use of the defense chief is questionable. At FCS, Top Scorer Grimaldi (11 Goals, 5 Templates) is likely to be available for a short-term use after two months injury break (Achilles tendon) against its ex-club.

Statistics, Cards, Change: Turkey Captence and the Impact

Unpleasant zebras

At the same time, the Lauterer Bevenberg becomes a traditional duel between the 1st FC Kaiserslautern and the MSV Duisburg, two founding members of the Bundesliga. Currently, however, it is about upside down or non-descent in the 3rd league. The third-league balance of the FCK against the MSV gives to think. There was no victory in five comparisons. Three times, both clubs separated Remis, twice won the MSV. And: The zebras gained three of the past five league games. The FCK should be warned. By the way, both teams must replace their captain: the FCK the yellow-locked twitch, Duisburg the injured stubblekamp (muscle fiber rupture in the left thigh).

Compulsory task for Braunschweig

Braunschweig, two points behind Kaiserslautern positioned in place 3 place, has a mandatory task in front of the chest with the home game against Kellerkind TSV Havelse. But beware: “Now it’s almost so that we can liberate freed. Nobody counts with us anymore,” said Havel’s coach Rüdiger Ziehl. The distance from his team to the saving shore is nine points.

Does Halle take place against Osnabrück?

No good conditions has the fifth placed VfL Osnabrück for the away game in Halle. The number of corona cases has risen to 16 on Thursday morning. Eleven player – including the family forces Beermann, Klaas, Taffertshofer, OPOKU and Köhler – Three physiotherapists, the witness and the team manager were positively tested on Covid-19. The training was canceled until further notice to break through the infection chains. Well possible that the VFL will request to cancel the game in Halle.

Glöckner’s rows fill up

It looks very different at the same SV Waldhof Mannheim: On Wednesday, Coach Patrick Glöckner lacked only three actors from the squad – as few as few weeks. Lebeau and summer are in front of the duel in Zwickau on Sunday before a return to the starting elf. Meanwhile, the FSV cares for defense man Frick (muscular problems in the adductor area).

Magdeburg wants to finish the winning series

Table leader Magdeburg wants to end his series of two winless third league games at FC Viktoria Berlin on Mondayend **. Atik, with 17 goals and 14 templates best scorer of the season, takes part completely on the team training. The 27-year-old missed the Land Cup semi-final match against the BSV Halle-Ammendorf (10: 0) last Friday (10: 0), but is likely to be back in the squad in Berlin.

The residual program of the 3rd league