Football Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund is the team with the most injured years this season, always important regular players. At the BVB you have long been looking for the backgrounds, an expert has now given an assessment. With the black and yellow it does not push straight on open ears.

“The big number of injuries, of course, has been very busy this year”, known Borussia Dortmund’s license player Sebastian Kehl, from summer Football Bundesligas director, opposite “Football Bundesliga Image”: “In the knowledge that every case is to be viewed individually, we still try, pattern To recognize, we are in the midst of the analysis and will then make derivatives. “

That approach is needed bitter, the Stars in the BVB are injured in unsightly regularity. One of the big problems are repeating muscle injuries. Medium-terminal Erling Haaland, for example, missed 16 mandatory games this season, he was always braked by muscle injuries. Left-back Raphael Guerreiro, actually one of the key players in the squad, also missed a lot of games.

It is clear that the number of Dortmund failures, and thus the down days, is significantly too high compared to the competition. The Football Bundesligas sheet prefers that a BVB profi is not available to its coach on average per season 67 days. On the other hand, a player of FC Bayern drops “only” 39 days on average.

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The Football Bundesligas scientist Professor Ingo Froböse from the Football Bundesligas college Cologne gave an assessment to “Football Bundesliga Image”: “Unfortunately, it is not the first time, even in the era Jürgen Klopp the problem with the muscle injuries was very manifest. Since you have to ask: what Maybe in fitness training may be wrong? “

Sebastian Kehl fights vehement against remote diagnoses

According to frolic, it is clear from the outside: “It is definitely not a game problem, but a training problem, I’m sure.” Muscle injury occur, “when muscles are tired”. His assumption: The musculature of the BVB professionals is “disproportionately demanded”, for example by “too much shot training, too much sprint training and then in combination”. The Football Bundesligas scientist therefore recommends “placing more focus on regeneration.”

Sebastian Kehl and the entire Dortmund’s leadership had already made it clear in the past that the cause research is turned around every stone and possibly also draws personnel consequences.

However, remote diagnoses, however, categorically rejects Kehl: “I personally hold any evaluation from the outside – without accurate diagnoses, injury histories, to know current pictures or stress analysis of our players – for borderline and therefore does not want to go into detail,” he said to the Football Bundesligas magazine.

In front of the Bundesliga game of BVB against RB Leipzig, head coach Marco Rose lacks Nico Schulz, Thomas Meunier, Mateeu Morey and Felix Passplack equal four defenders. For attackers Steffen Tigges the season is already over.