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Sony has made the bold decision to announce a recast PS plus Subscription last week – and only six of the 740 so-called titles that will be part of it. Speaking as a result of another breathtaking decision from the manufacturer, the Playstation boss, Jim Ryan, promised that “all the big names” will cover the remaining 99.9% of the accession offer. You will have to use your imagination, however, because the big hat stopped before names real games.

We know that tastes or returnal and Marvel’s Spider-Man will be part of the offer, which is a beginning – although it is not clear if it will be the PS4 or PS5 incarnation of the WebSlinger at this Stadium. “We have big publishers; We have small independent publishers, “shouted Ryan, speaking on the PlayStation podcast. “We have more than 200 partners who work with us to put their contents in PS more, so the range will be really strong. At this point, we are really curious to know if Jim tries to convince us or to convince.

Of course, there will be no proprietary versions of the first day as part of the reworked subscription, as it does not have a commercial sense for the combination. “The games we create become bigger: they are improving, they become more beautiful, they get richer, the story becomes stronger,” said the British magnat. “Putting these games in a subscription service as soon as they exit breaks this virtuous circle, and we would not be able to invest as we can currently. So we do not do it. We will stick to the approach we have and who served us for many years now.

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In the same vein, MLB The Show 22, the last baseball simulation developed by San Diego’s Sony Studio, can be downloaded at no extra charge as part of Xbox Game Pass from today. It costs $ 69.99 £ / 69.99 on the PS5.