Although WOW: Shadowlands already much twink-friendly is than most extensions in the past, there are still some stumbling blocks that make players struggling. One of them is undoubtedly the system of glory levels . These must be able to build up by twinks first until they really can play their full potential in the endgame. Although there is the honor badge of the mediator , but that saves only the first 40 out of 80 stages.

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Lowgers, on the other hand, must endlessly have long grapen until they have the glory levels so high that they can hold halfway. This is particularly bitter, as it is still unclear, with what chance you get in which content is glaming – from some quests.

WOW patch 9.2.5 makes a lot easier

In probably last relevant update for WoW: Shadowlands not only comes to the softening of the faction boundaries on us , but we also get a big batzen on simplifications – especially for twinks and latecomers. This includes a change in the glory levels.

  • The honor badge The mediator increases your glory level at level 60 (previously 40).
  • The preservation of glory levels is accelerated until level 60 (previously 48).
    • The following activities now give 100 percent a glory: **
    • Mythical and mythical-plus dungeons
    • Torghast Level 9 to 16
    • Defeating a Shadowlands Raid Boss
    • Win a realized battlefield

You come with patch 9.2.5 so much faster to the coveted glory levels and, in the eyes of many players even more important, know exactly what activities you can guarantee a further level can be saused. Because in this regard, there have been some crude theories and much dangerous half knowledge in the past again and again.

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