Ubisoft officially announced arco iris six mobile this week, and although the game only has a large launch window for 2022, we already have a much better idea of when people can play the mobile game. This is because there are already plans for a closed alpha that will be the first practical opportunity that the public will have before the launch of the game. This closed alpha will take place at some point in spring, which means that it is not far away when it is, and those interested can continue and register now.

The plans for the ALFA were established in a publication in the arco Iris six mobile page that was created on the site of Ubisoft after the game was announced. The game “will begin its first test phase shortly,” Ubisoft said, which suggests that the players will not have to wait long to prove it.


«As of this spring, some players will be able to try the work version in progress of the game». Ubisoft said. “We invite everyone to register in Alpha to have the opportunity to participate. When registering, it will also be automatically in the list for future test opportunities and will be the first to receive the latest updates, including dates, territories and requirements for upcoming tests when the information will be available ».

You can register to be considered for the closed alpha here. After selecting the iOS or Android platform, simply enter the information on your Ubisoft account to finish. Mobile games, betas and alphas like this sometimes come first to Android before IOS, but Ubisoft has not said anything to suggest that this will be the case with arco Iris six mobile. What he did offer the editor were his plans for the alpha and what he hopes to learn from the execution of the test.

“Our goal with Alpha is to have a limited sample of players that try key features such as central game mechanics, server stability and online infrastructure,” Ubisoft said. “During the test, our development team will collect comments and suggestions from the evaluators to help us improve the experience of the game before launch. Your opinion is key to providing the best player experience! For that reason, we will send surveys to the selected participants to make sure to listen to all those who wish to support the continued development of our game ».

If the fact that this first test is an alpha was not enough indication, Ubisoft confirmed that there will be more evidence to say that the progress obtained in this will not be transferred to the next tests. More information about the closed alpha will be revealed closer to its launch, Ubisoft concluded.