The savings bank goes a dramatic step. Customers who refuse to pay their negative interest rates must expect consequences.

Dortmund – many German banks require a so-called custody fee from their customers from a sum of 50,000 euros in the account. Some customers do not want to pay these minus interest, but some companies can no longer like how negative * white.

Sparkassen customers threatens the account termination: so many customers are affected

Only recently there were changes to the Sparkasse *. Now the next innovation follows, because the bank now attacks Rigoros against some customers. A year ago, Sparkasse Düsseldorf should have already terminated two dozen accounts of their customers due to negative interest. The Sparkasse Dortmund also spoke out first dismissal according to the handelsblatt.

The majority has responded to the change termination of the Sparkasse with the termination of its business relationship, “says the credit institution. Overall, 330,000 customers count. According to the ruhr news, the Sparkasse Dortmund should have terminated a customer equal to all accounts for mid-May. But the procedure of the savings bank is no longer an individual case (more digital news at negative *).

Sparkassen speak account termination: These stores are not affected

Meanwhile, other money houses have gone the step or are in front of it, such as Postbank, which belongs to Deutsche Bank. But the ING would soon want to pronounce account attribution for negative interest.

Some banks still renounce this dramatic measure, as among other things, Commerzbank. “We look that we find good shared solutions.” How a Commerzbank spokesman reports the handelsblatt. According to the Board of Directors, the Berliner Sparkasse should also have not terminated Nobody.

Sparkassen customers threatens the account termination: this is how the negative interest rates

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At least one third of the banks should demand negative interest. These are at least 449 money houses that calculate these interest on daily and checking accounts, as the Comparison Portal Verivox should have determined. But that could soon belong to the past.

Because several money houses want to abolish negative interest rates for private customers, although the European Central Bank from the criminal interest. Among them should be the Hamburger Sparkasse, the Apobank, the Ing and the DKB. * negative is part of the editorial network

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