Wargaming, celebrities, located in Belarus, known in Belarus – especially through its great successes World of Tanks and World of Warships – draws back from Russia and Belarus. As early as 2011, the company had laid its headquarters of Minsk into the Cypriot Nicosia; Now the branch in the Belarussian capital should be completely closed.

Although an official communication on the company website, Wargaming does not call a concrete reason for the steps – which happens to Ukraine as a result of the non-denominational Russian attack war, but is obvious; Already two days after the beginning of Russian invasion, the studio had dismissed his Creative Director Sergey Burkatovskiy after he had expressed his support for the so-called special operation of Russian troops.

‘World of Tanks’ developer leaves Russia and Belarus - Inside Russia Report

In addition to closing the Minsk Studios, Wargaming in Russia and Belarus does not want to do business in Russia and Belarus. The operation of his local live service offers has been assigned to the company Lesta Studios, which will no longer be associated with Wargaming. Wargaming emphasizes that in the future one will not earn money more in Russia and Belarus, but even calculate with considerable losses. During the transitional phase, however, the live service offers will be further available in both countries through the new operator.