Ubisoft announced that its Ubisoft + subscription service would offer a free trial for a week for new subscribers. All players will therefore be able to test the entire Ubisoft catalog for free during this period.


Ubisoft + is the subscription service of the French publisher, available on PC , Stadia and Amazon Luna (it should soon available on Xbox consoles as well). The publisher announces a free trial period for new subscribers, which will be temporarily available.

All Free Ubisoft PC Games for 7 days

From 12 April to 11 May, players who have never subscribed to the Ubisoft + service will have the opportunity to do it for a seven-day free trial . The service has more than one hundred PC games available on Ubisoft Connect. The subscription gives you access to all DLCs, extensions and other Season Pass, in addition to all Ubisoft ** games. The opportunity for you to test the two offers available on Ubisoft +: the PC Access (which gives access to the games on Ubisoft Connect), and the multi-access (which adds the possibility to play cloud on stadia, to compatible games).

of Anno 1800 in Rayman Legends via Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

If you have never subscribed to Ubisoft +, so you will have the opportunity to test different types of games in full and for free. management fans can test Anno 1800, Racing game fans will have the choice between the Crew 2 cars and sports extreme of Riders Republic, adept players of * * Competitive FPS will be able to test rainbow six seats, when those who prefer FPS Solos adventure will play Far Cry 6, TPS Players Testeont Ghost Recon Breakpoint or The Division 2, Fans Fighting to Corps Testeren Honor, those who prefer games will play in Rayman Legends, when RPG and exploration lovers ** will be able to test Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Odyssey, Origins… Ubisoft offers for all tastes, and all their PC games are testable via this free trial.

Ubisoft + is free on PC for seven days for new subscribers only, provided they are between April 12 and May 11th.


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“All the Ubisoft catalog is _ free for a week _!”
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Ubisoft announced that its Ubisoft + subscription service would propose _ a free trial _ for one week _ for new subscribers _.
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