The killer of worlds takes the formula Outriders and increases it to 11. Players face a serious problem related to the inclusion of the levels of the apocalypse.

The levels of the apocalypse are a revision or addition to the existing system of world levels. World levels allow players to scale the complexity of Outriders. Currently there are 15 to choose from “history” to “madness”. The increase in complexity also improves the quality of drop-down equipment and increases the chances of loss of legendary equipment. This is a risk and remuneration system, but it is the core of the current endgame.

It seems that it will not change after the release of the worldslayer. Instead, PEOPLE CAN FLY doubles the bets. The levels of the apocalypse will rise to the 40th level. Although no additional details were published, it is safe to assume that it looks more like the same thing, and that the worldslayer will push players to their limits when it comes out.

This system is similar to Torment levels in Diablo and works well in the base game Outriders. So, more than one and the same can be only good, right? Let’s see if it will affect the correct chord of the players or this developer calls.

Outriders WORLDSLAYER Details! Apocalypse Tiers, Ascension Levels, Pax Perks, Release Date & More!
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