Good news for entertainment and artificial intelligence enthusiasts because an event gathering about fifty companies will be debut in Montreal in June. This is the 14th and 15th of June that you can attend the E-Ai. Here is the press release to discover this event

_All day, artificial intelligence (IA) pushes the limits of innovation and technology. And every day, the entertainment industry exceeds the borders of the imagination and creativity. Together, they transform the daily and invite you to dream. For these reasons, more than 50 companies, organizations, business people and entrepreneurs in Quebec entertainment and IA join forces to train the international e-ai community. This new business representative (B2B) wants to generate and multiply business and creative possibilities between these two industries: alliances, collaborations, innovations, marketing, financing, etc. In addition, E-Al will serve as a unique showcase for the research and exchange of know-how. _

_ “In recent months, the community has demonstrated unprecedented mobilization and craze around E-Ai,” says Stéphane Martel, his delegated co-founder and producer. Companies here must take advantage of development opportunities now. We therefore want to actively contribute to positioning Quebec as an international leader of the IA meeting and entertainment. »_

_Parmi The entities composing the group, note leading technocreative players such as moment factory, Behavior Interactive, Moov Ai, the 7 fingers, ivado, images and technology, the center Phi and the SAT, but also companies that we imagine Less engaged in these environments, such as the National Bank, the Montreal Congress Palace and Legal Lawyer Cabinet. _

_ Get to know each other better to collaborate _

Event Cameras with Davide Scaramuzza | Ep. 347
“For Marie-Josée Corbeil, the National Bank, both the entertainment and IA entertainment gain to deepen such a union. “By the wealth of experiences, the expertise and diversity of its members and partners, e-AL will allow the two ecosystems to build bridges and to create collaborations to enrich the content of the companies and make them more innovative. »_

_The business and business models evolve, and the research community must imperatively get closer to companies, believes on its side Brigitte Monneau, synthesis – Pole Image Québec. “The IA shake the earth under the feet of the entertainment sector. A permanent dialogue between all actors and the development of collaborations will be the key to the success of this profound transformation. For its part, Denys Lavigne, of oasis immersion, welcomes the establishment of a favorable context for the exchanges between the two sectors. “E-AI will help activate new tracks of innovation that will enrich our creative approaches,” he says.

_ A historical event _

In the aim of scoring his birth, e-Ai will present on June 14 and 15 next. # EI2022. This first annual public rendezvous will consist of conferences, round tables, networking and mesh activities around possible solutions and applications. Thematic programming that responds well to the issues will be presented in hybrid format _ (in the presence and online) _ at the Montreal Congress Palace, which also acts as co-producer and coorealizer of the event.

__The tickets are on sale_ here . The details of the programming will follow in a future communication._