Where Has The 'Most Ambitious' Game Gone!?

More there of good and evil 2 it may be in trouble according to multiple new reports. After years of waiting, Ubisoft confirmed that he was doing better and of the bad 2_. This was not just a simple title card, Ubisoft showed the game’s gameplay and ended up promising a program where players could try the game throughout their development. That said, there has been no substantial development in several years, which leads players to worry about the state of the game. Although Ubisoft has promised that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still happening, a new report suggests that he is fighting within Ubisoft.

According to a new Kotaku report on Ubisoft preparing for a possible acquisition, but beyond good and evil 2_ is bleeding money and has been “Mia for years”, apparently referring to its disappearance of the public eye. Tom Henderson also responded. Someone who asked about the game and published a gif from someone stopped at a pile of garbage bags. It does not seem to be dead, but experiences serious problems. There were rumors that suggested More there of good and evil 2 I was reaching a point where Ubisoft could cancel it, but a Bloomberg report earlier this year confirmed that it is still in process. Unfortunately, that same report pointed out that the game was in preproduction, which is an extremely early development for a game that was announced six years ago. It is expected that Ubisoft has a summer event this year, so it is possible that the game resurfaces then, but nothing has been confirmed.

With many really excited about a new _More there of good and evil, this news can be disappointing. This is a game that many have expected almost 20 years and may be more annoying to know that it could be in the Tagus instead of never being announced. The game seemed to be quite ambitious, so it’s not surprising to hear that it does not go very well, but given the size of Ubisoft, one could expect them to achieve it.

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