The upcoming version 2.7 of Gensin Impact is only a few weeks away and the fans could not be more excited because the new update will not only make a new series of quests and events, but also the debut of two new 5-star characters Hydro Archer Yelan and 4-star Electro-Sword user Kuki Shinobu. But will Kuki Shinobu be a support or a DPS? To answer this and to ensure that you are prepared for your arrival, we will now tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming optimal 4-star role of the game in one composition.

Kuki Shinobu Main Dps Build Guide | Genshin Impact leaks

Kuki Shinobus Kit

According to many leaks and the descriptions of their kit, which are presented in Project AMBER, Kuki Shinobus will contain normal attacks 4 quick blows, their charged attack will then consist of 2 strong sword strikes. Her elementary ability to do so, on the other hand, enables her to create a grass ring of sanctification at the expense of part of her HP. The ring then follows its active character, while it regularly causes elementary damage and heals its character on the field, similar to Barbaras and Qiqi’s elementary skills. Last but not least, her Elemental Burst, Narukami Kariyama Rite, will consist of an Aoe electric attack that is set in such a way that it regularly causes damage based on her maximum HP.

Will Kuki Shinobu be a supporter or a DPS?

In view of what we said above, as well as all the leaks, we can confirm that Kuki Shinobu will be a support that focuses on causing a lot of damage and healing them efficiently by both their Elemental Skill and theirs Elemental Burst uses. On a different note, according to the leaks, her two innate promotion talents, Breaking Free and Heart’s Repose will concentrate on it, increase their damage and healing capacity, based on their HP and on their total value of Elemental Masterey.

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Attack of the fanboy / captain / Gensin Impact 2.7: Will Kuki Shinobu be a support or a DPS?