Most objects, potions and ammunition are in greedfall fall into the consumable category. You can buy them from a merchant or a supplier of the game, or you can make them yourself if you have the capacity.

GREEDFALL – How to make objects, potions and ammunition

Make objects, potions and ammunition in greedfall require scientific talent. There are three consumable levels and each level of talent science that you buy gives you access to a new level of potions.

The talent of science has another advantage, because it will also allow you to use explosives to break low parts of the walls, which can be very advantageous in certain areas and in certain missions.

Greedfall - Complete Guide To Crafting

For people who wish to use firearms, science is a vital talent that allows you to create your ammunition. But to do this, you have to go to level two of science. At scientific level 1, you can create essential health potions regardless of the variety of character you play.

To make consumables, you need to find a workbench. You can find them in the cities and you always have one in all the camps you install or your residences in the different cities. Just go to the work plan and interact with it, then access the consumable tab. Scroll to the element you want to make and make sure to have the scientific level and the required ingredients. If you do, you can make the object in particular.

To make sure you always have many resources for DIY, be sure to interact with all the brilliant objects you see in the world. You can find resources in trees, boxes, bushes, chests and corpses of monsters and creatures you kill.