Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is among the most popular European players Inleague of Legends. With Fnatic he won the highest possible European league, the LEC, and even ended up being vice world champion. In 2022 he remarkably transferred to the 2nd department as well as instantly obtained the most important title.

Just how did it last for Rekkles?

hard begin in the toughest second league in Europe.

  • Rekkles was an important component of the Fnatic team from 2015 to 2020. With this he won the LEC playoffs 4 times and was also able to encourage at the World Championships. In 2015 they reached 3/4, 2018 even 2nd area and also in 2019 and 2020 they came at the very least to the quarter -finals.
  • For the 2021 season, Rekkles then chose to change to the G2 eSports team. The recent years have controlled Europe and got to 2nd place in 2019 and also a minimum of the semi -finals in 2020. They currently wished to construct a European incredibly team and also lastly end up being globe champs.
  • Yet the period went horribly incorrect. The Botlaner did not fit into the framework of the team, which usually rely upon very aggressive steps. Rekkles was more of a tactical player that depend on his toughness in the endgame. It was inadequate for a national title or the qualification for the Globe Mug.
  • At the end of 2021, Rekkles surprised everybody with a modification to the second division. He went to Karmine Corp, the greatest team of the French LFL.
  • However the beginning went anything yet well. Only with problem they got to the European Masters, a competition in which the best groups from all 2nd organizations satisfy in Europe Rekkles was able to encourage again in this affordable situation.

Exactly how did the period go? The normal split was not that negative for Karmine Corp. They reached second area behind LDLC OL, the eSports team from Olympique Lion. In the normal league in 18 video games they had to take 6 defeats. Numerous fans thought that the period with Rekkles would certainly be a certain -fire success.

A bitter trouble complied with in the playoffs. Against LDLC you shed the ending of the top braces and also dropped right into the Lower Bracket. There you had to defeat BDS Academy to jump on. They shed precisely this suit and just reached 3rd place-actually too little for the top team.

This also made sure that they did not get approved for the European Masters directly, yet had to go through a play-in competition.

_ An the EU Masters also took part in the German LOL team Eintracht Spandau von Handofblood: _

In the end, both groups were 5: 1 and also each won a win versus each various other. In the decision-making match, nonetheless, the Rekkles team prevailed, many thanks additionally to a strong peformance from her Botlaner.

In the final this weekend they met LDLC OL, the team that won the split and playoffs in France and also included several defeats to Karmine Corp.

In the K.O stage, they initially beat the German Team Unicorns of Live Sexy Version and after that vitality.bee, also a French team.

Just how regarding the EU Masters? The Play-in event won Karmine Corp 6-0 in her team.

Karmine Corp wins EU Masters, particularly many thanks to Rekkles

** Exactly how did the final go out? Ultimately, LDLC had 4 eliminates and about 5,000 gold much more, that was very little.

  • Rekkles has the very best KDA (Kill/Death/Assist) from all gamers of the event at 13.3.
  • He has the very best ranch price (10.5 minions per min).
  • He remained in 87.5 % of the video games at 15 minutes clearly ahead of his direct challenger in the Botlane.
  • He also gets to a quadra kill (only Deadly began 2 quadra eliminates) as well as 11 dual eliminates (ideal worth).

Round 2 likewise began even more positively for LDLC. The guilty dragon for Karmine Corp transformed the suit upside down. Suddenly they won the team battles and were gradually tearing the base.

What was striking in the competition? Three out of 4 groups in the semi -finals originated from France and also the last was just held in between French groups.
France is presently controling the leagues below the LEC.
The German groups regrettably removed weaker than wished for.
Eintracht Spandau even stopped working in the team phase, with vitality.bee (a French team) and also Ago Rogue (only semi -finalist who did not come from France) strong opponents:.
LOL team from Handofblood fails in the group phase of the European Cup-in completion reveals morality.

  • Rekkles was an essential part of the Fnatic team from 2015 to 2020. * For the 2021 period, Rekkles after that chose to switch to the G2 eSports team. In the end, both groups were 5: 1 as well as each won a win against each various other. In the decision-making suit, however, the Rekkles team prevailed, thanks additionally to a solid peformance from her Botlaner.

Karmine Corp also secured the suits 3 and 4, which at the exact same time suggested triumph in the EU Masters Springtime 2022. Another EU Masters will certainly take location in summer.

Just how high was the percentage of Rekkles in the victory? Extremely high (via Gol.GG):.

France dominates EU Masters.

VA - Masters Of Hardcore Presents Masters In The Mix Vol. 2 (2015)
Unexpectedly they won the team fights and were progressively tearing the base.

For Karmine Corp, it is the third profit of the EU Masters straight.