Apex legends season 13 is basically there and we finally get Newcastle. After all the leaks and revelations, Newcastle will be the new playable legend in the game. He has a very interesting kit that will change the meta in Apex legends in a way. Here is everything you need to know about Newcastle in season 13 of Apex Legends.

Newcastle skills

If you are familiar with Apex Legends, the best way to describe Newcastle is a mixture of Lifeline and Gibraltar . If you are not familiar with the game, Newcastle is a team -oriented legend that was built as a tank -like field paramedic. It is also reinforced what a buff is, the Gibraltar and Caustic, which reduces the damage without slowing down. Here are his skills:

Get the wounded back *-enliven and pull down allied allies while protecting them with their knockdown sign.
Mobile shield – Throw a movable drone that creates a mobile energy shield.
Burgmauer – jump to an ally or target area and build a fortified barricade.


Newcastle play style

Now that you know Newcastle skills, how is it played? Obviously, Newcastle is built for this support his teammates , so they definitely do that in combat. Whether before, during or after a fight, you use the mobile sign to offer cover and use the Retrieve The Wounded to revive your fallen allies. Usually you would like to use the castle wall before a fight to make a certain strangle comprehensive, but you can also use it in the heat of the battle by jumping to the location of your ally.

composition of the Newcastle team

Newcastle introduces a lot of teamwork and works best with well -rehearsed teams . With ramparts buff, combos from Newcastle and rampart will be extremely fatal. The pairing with a Wraith or an ASH would also be good to ensure that you have an escape route if your defense is broken. However, it is an option to settle in one area, and the mating with Wattson, Caustic, Rampart and/or Gibraltar are good options.

Newcastle tips

Although he is not quite outside, there are some tips for Newcastle play defensively . In contrast to Mad Maggie and Ash, Newcastle should not storm into the battle to start fighting. Newcastle should be played more like Lifeline or other defensive legends such as Caustic or Wattson to offer their team cover and support. If you do that, you will win by supporting your team and picking it up when it falls.

APEX legends is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

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