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The current amount of active The number of players in New World is about 21 thousand . 21k is a huge decline compared to what we initially saw when launch, and 70K, which we reported for the last time. But also, as in the previous report, it is worth noting that 21k is the total number, not the exact number. Currently, we have two ranges of numbers.

See the best game offers on Amazon reports around 19k as the total number of active players. Steamcharts reports a little larger number around 21k. Because of this, it seems that the exact number can be changed and is somewhere in the range from 19 to 21 thousand. The number will also fluctuate quite regularly, so it is difficult to determine the exact number.

However, one thing can be said for sure: since the launch of New World, the number of players is steadily falling. The decline can be confidently attributed to many problems with queues, mistakes in the game and Dubious choice of development . Because of this, it makes sense why the base of the players fell so much.

Current New World Server Populations

The New World server population is divided into several servers. As in the previous months, most players are on the central EU servers. In accordance with, the players currently currently in EU Central are about 11 thousand, which is very few compared to 43 thousand, which we reported for the last time.

Theoretically, this would make EU Central the most densely populated region of the New World, which indicates that more players from the EU plays the game. The remaining numbers and a complete list of New World servers see the table below.

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