After the release by Konami of “New Football Game Online Performance Test”, many fans around the world were worried. Not only seemed disappointing, but the slow gameplay also created a feeling of uncertainty among its followers. Due to the number of messages strewn throughout the game saying to the players that he was not representative of the final product, many rejected the demo. However, now that the complete revelation has fallen, has Konami appease concerns?

In short, no.

Free to play

Konami’s decision to go to a free-to-play model is courageous. For years, fans have asked for a basic game with DLC for season updates rather than publishing a full game with no change. Although EFOOTBAL 2021 promises to have regular updates, the lack of modes and elements “pay to win” will put many purists reject. Konami has tried free-to-play, by publishing “Lite” versions of PES which will most likely influence the new version. In the current version of Myclub, players can only win enough “gold coins” to buy one or two of the special players per week. To get the others, players can buy the game currency and receive higher level players, which gives them the advantage on the field. I understand that there must be a kind of monetization, but that is not what faithful fans wanted.


If it is a real new generation football game, why does it look like the previous versions exactly? Character models are good. The terrain looks good. Everything is fine but not great. After a two -year expectation, I expected something special that pushes technology in new consoles, however, Konami has just released the same old game.

Masters League

I know that many people prefer myclub, but with the exception of Master League, a basic element of the franchise will dissuade many players. With limited offline options and only a handful of teams, Konami has decided to keep this title centered online, which means that a larger part of the players will go online. Historically, the franchise has not managed this well, so I hope it has a better infrastructure in place that can manage demand.

Content updates

A promising aspect of Efootball 2022 is the content guarantee. Previously, there was only a limited number of challenges per week, which made myclub considerably lower than FIFA Ultimate Team. Now that the game is completely focused on mode, will we now see regular content updates and challenges that will force players to connect every day?

It was not the revelation I wanted or any other fan. Although this marks an important change in the franchise, it could be done at the expense of its fans base. The players have always flocked to the series due to the gameplay, however, with the revelation omitting clear details on the time and field and deciding to focus on other aspects, this has left a lot of deflated and disappointed people.

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Konami made the Worst game of the year | eFootball 2022
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