The professional gaming team “CRAZY RACCOON” will postpone the “ 9th Crazy Raccoon Cup Apex Legends “, which is scheduled to be held from 19:00 on May 22 to June 4. Announced.

“CRAZY RACCOON CUP” is a community tournament for online games where popular professional gamers, streakers, and VTuber gather. This time, a wide variety of talents such as the title of Battle Royal FPS “APEX LEGENDS”, including actress Tsubasa Honda, Ryosuke Yamada of the idol group “Hey! Say! Jump”, and Junichi Kato, a popular game commentator. Then, it was attracting attention.

Regarding the reason for the postponement, it is said that there is no expected improvement in the “error drop” generated in the practice custom. On the same day, the “Apex Nijisanji Custom” is scheduled to be held by Gwell Ms. Girl, who belongs to the VTuber Group Nijisan, but the event is the CR of the “Crazy Raccoon” owner. If the adjustment is made by Mr. Aji, it is also revealed in the distribution of Nijisan’s affiliation.