We are practically a week after ending the month of May, and in the same we have received a ton of interesting premieres on the Netflix platform, highlighting high Stranger Things 4. However, June is treading on us the heels, so we present to you everything that will reach the streaming service.


-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal: June 1

-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S: The movie: June 15

-Sailor Moon Supers The Movie: Black Dream Hole: June 15

-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R: June 15

-Spriggan: June 18

-One Piece: Seasons 8.9 and 10: June 22

-Bastard !!: June 30

Movies and children’s series:

-Troop Action: Season 2: June 6

-Musical videos of El Mundo de Karma: Volume 2: June 16

-Dead End: The Terror Park: June 16

-Rainbow High: Season 2: June 17

-Angry Birds: summer crazy things-Season 2: June 24

-Chip and Potato: Chip holidays: June 27

-Tibucán: Season 2: June 30

Documentaries and specials:

-Be docile: prayer and obedience-Miniseries: June 8

-Amy Schumer’s Parental Advisory: June 11

-Pete Davidson presents: The Best Friends: June 13

-Jennifer Lopez: part time: June 14

-Network of deceptions: death, lies and internet: June 15

-Snoop Dogg’s F*CN Around Comedy Special: June 16

-Pet secrets: June 22


-Interceptor: June 3

-Claw: June 8

-Peace trees: June 10

-Pollonejo and the hamster of darkness: June 10

-Centaur: June 15

-The wrath of God: June 15

-Collision: June 16

-The spider’s head: June 17

-Love and Gelato: June 22

-Beauty: June 24

-Toronto man: June 24


-The Blacklist: Season 8: June 1

-Borgen: Kingdom, Power and Gloria: June 2

-The floor is Lava: Season 2: June 3

-Intimacy: June 10

-The first death: June 10

-Peaky Blinders: Season 6: June 10

-God’s favorite idiot: June 15

New Releases on Netflix - June 2022 | Upcoming Shows & Movies on Netflix June 2022
-Iron chef: Iron legend: June 15

Editor’s note : There are certainly content of everything and for everyone, but surely many will be waiting for those moments for the second part of the fourth season of Stranger Things.