We resume the action in the LATAM VCT, starting with the clashes in the northern zone where the teams are still looking to position themselves in a better place in the table, we have seen that Fade has been a resource that the squads have managed to use very good way inside The clashes will have to do with what things will surprise us this week after the break they had.

Cruelty is not from the mounstros

The first series placed Border Monsters against Team Cruelty on a Map of Haven where Ryu would do a pretty good job when using an OMEN that allowed punishing in the attack but the team of the monsters would not release The first half managing to achieve a 6-6 in the first half, for the change of roles the cruel defense would do its work phenomenally so as not to allow entries to the rival taking a great advantage that would make the rivals suffer leaving a advantage of very important rounds that would leave the map with a 13-6.

In the second map that would be Icebox things seemed now more favorable for the cruelty team taking heavy weapons at the first opportunity they found with a Ryu that took a viper that would make suffer Again, his rivals achieving a 8-4, in the change of sides we see the team of poorly positioned monsters in their attack and the cruels took the opportunity to take the last round rounds in their favor by closing the map 13-5. **

Fusion Double to the Green Wave

The second series put Fusion against Six Karma on a map of bind where the green wave suffered a little in the first rounds but thanks to Matis they managed to put things a little more couples managing A 7-5, in the change of sides Fusion would play with an aggressive style that put their rivals against the ropes without letting a round in the defense could place, thus achieving the first map to Your favor.

Observer rage quits VCT qualifier after witnessing insane shot during Border Monster vs Ryze Gaming

For the second map we will go to Haven where the fusion would They will separate a lot with a 10-2, changing from sides closer wake up to be able In his favor with a 13-8.

Thus ends the action of yesterday in the north, leaving two clear winners within the competition, Team Cruelty and Fusion took the head of their rivals to achieve some points within the tournament, a great performance of the teams From the north that put the table differently, the action follows today to see how positions are this week.