A new fraud in WhatsApp is circulating. With just one call, users can lose their account.

Berlin/Dortmund (dpa)-cybercriminals always come up with something new to get the money or data of their victims. So-called phishing emails or spam messages via SMS or WhatsApp are a fraudster that is frequently used. There is currently a new scam again-this time a call can have fatal consequences.

WhatsApp: Warning of a new fraud stitch-not call special number

Anyone who receives WhatsApp messages from the Measurement Service that calls on to call a special number should be careful. As computer image warns, there is a new fraud stitch behind it that occurred in India for the first time.

The specialist magazine warns that the fraudulent phone numbers can be recognized by a sequence of digits that are specified with an asterisk. For Germany, the combination 21*is preceded by the number 67or405*.

WhatsApp fraud: A call and the account is gone

However, the signs that initially appear harmless are a so-called GSM code that serves as a tax order for smartphones. This enables fraudsters to redirect call diversions and call blocks-and ultimately all calls to the devices of the fraudsters (more digital news at magazine warns).

What happens after a call to this number? According to computer Bild, criminals take over the WhatsApp accounts of their victims and deposit their own smartphone as a new device. Since a new device on WhatsApp can usually be confirmed by a control call, verification by means of call forwarding is not a problem.

As a specialist magazine warns that fraudsters are legitimizing themselves as the user of the account and possibly also changing the phone numbers and thus being able to gain full control over the account.

WhatsApp: Fraud has fatal consequences-account hardly to save

This means that it will be difficult to get your own account back because fraudsters can now log in. The specialist magazine warns that fraudsters use the fact and send messages to their own contacts on behalf of the victims or spread the manipulated number to take over other accounts.

Rubric list picture: © Zacharie Scheurer/dpa-tmn