The seserieson 4 of Stranger Things wseries one of the most anticipated premieres of the year, and it seems that his arrival hseries been a real success . series specified by Netflix, the series accumulates almost 300 million hours of viewing, quickly exceeding the second seserieson of Bridgerton (193). The most revealing fact is that it hseries positioned itself in the first position of the most watched contents in 82 countries .


Stranger Things 5 is a reality, and it will be the end of the series

series you can imagine, no detail is known about the fifth seserieson , but since lseriest February we know that it is planned and that, in addition, will be the end of Stranger Things ; There will be no more. This wseries confirmed by Ross and Matt Duffer, the brothers responsible for the series.

Stranger Things Seserieson 4: Terror above all

The series hseries always become the paranormal phenomena, the fear of the unknown and certain elements of science fiction that put the sanity of the human being at risk. And in the fourth seserieson, terror becomes more evident than ever. In our criticism, one of the things we highlight is that pays a beautiful tribute to Nightmare in Elm Street . series in the saga of Freddy Krueger, this seserieson we will remember that the greatest dangers come from our subconscious, where our daily experiences will be twisted by a monster that, if it kills us in the dream plane, will also do so in the physical world. And it will be a very painful death . You can read the full article in the following link.

We remind you that Netflix offers the first 6 episodes currently. Volume 2 will include the lseriest 2 and close the seserieson on July 1 . series a curiosity, the final chapter will lseriest more than 2 hours.