From of October 28, players will finally have in their hands the long-awaited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. On the occasion of the launch of their first images, the Infinity Ward developers held a private conference in the that the major to players and insiders (filtradors) of the medium were invited.


During this small meeting, the study revealed a lot of details about the content of Modern Warfare 2 (through Charlieintel), particularly lifting the veil on two new modes for multiplayer, but also on completely new equipment.

Modern Warfare 2 will be full of new teams

Always with the aim of even more intensifying the gameplay, Modern Warfare 2 will arrive with several new teams that will be very useful for our players. Among these, we will find:

The tactical chamber *, which was already present in Call of Duty: Ghosts, which can be launched by the players on a wall, and then take control of it and monitor where the enemies are. In addition, our agents will be able to have several of them, and when an enemy is in front of one of them, a small beep will sound.
The drilling load that will be dangerous for enemies. In fact, players can launch a drilling load on a wall, which will then throw multiple grenades on the other side. Small advantage: If you throw it to a vehicle, you will kill all the enemies inside.
DDOS (No, is not a DDOS attack), which will be a PEM device, will indicate to the players the presence of vehicles and equipment with which they can interact. This interaction will be nothing more than an electromagnetic pulse that will deactivate everything.
* The inflatable lure: It is an inflatable Kevlar mannequin that will be displayed as soon as an enemy passes and will be oriented towards said enemy. It will also work in the water.

All these new teams promise more interesting games than ever, and they will surely allow you to adopt a specific gameplay, much more tactical and perhaps less annoying than what we can have at the time at the vanguard or even Black Ops Cold War. There will be something for everyone.

Two new modes for Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

As we announced a few days ago, Call of Duty multiplayer: Modern Warfare 2 will have two completely new modes: Prisone Rescue and Knockout. Rescue of prisoners will test the nerves of the players, since a team will have to save two hostages at all costs, while the opposite team will have to eliminate the other players. Knockout will be a remix of the Skirmish mode, with the particularity of having a single life.